Busy Weeks & Summer Fun

Busy Weeks & Summer Fun

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/12/22

Happy belated Mothers’ Day, Moms! Hope you guys enjoyed some time with family… or away from family. However you like to do it, no judgment here! My family actually helped me clean one of my client’s houses in preparation for showings. So, to each their own.

On Friday, Tag and I had dinner with some friends (sans kids); it was a lovely evening with great food. If you haven’t been to the newly opened Homegrown Tap and Dough in Littleton, you’re missing out. It’s super good.

So, we’ve decided to list our condo, and that’s happening next week! I’m excited and really hope it goes smoothly. I picked out some staging pieces for it, and I’m hoping the property is looking good for a nice showing. In the meantime, we’ve found an Airbnb in Florida that we love, and it’s looking like that’s the direction we’re going toward. Orlando, here we come!

Bridger update:

  • Got braces! Real ones. Handled it like a boss.
  • Pitched his first game the other night and was amazing!
  • Pitching again this weekend, and the whole family can’t wait to cheer him on. The scene is just the cutest. He’s outstanding.

What are you guys doing this summer? I’m trying to plan one day a week for the kids over their summer break. A bunch of other mom-kid teams are joining. Last summer, I worked so much that I hardly ever saw my kids, and I don’t want that to happen this summer, so I’m looking forward to making some memories. Here’s what I foresee:

  • Meow Wolf
  • Ropes courses
  • Rockies game
  • Parks
  • Bikes
  • Beach
  • Roller skating

I’m very well aware that what I’ll likely get is:

  • Fighting
  • Hitting
  • Breaking things
  • Crying
  • “I’m hungry”
  • “This is boring”
  • “How much longer”

But you know what? I’ll take it in stride and STILL have a good time with my friends.

Book Club

Too busy this week for reading and relaying, but I’ll get you some book club updates soon. Any fun summer reads you want to suggest?

Colorado Realtor Activity

It’s been a very busy week prepping for a new Conifer listing. My clients weren’t around, they moved out of state beforehand, so it was a bit chaotic, but in the best ways. My team and I cleaned and staged, and readied the property all weekend. Fingers crossed, this place sells today! I love these clients and wish them all the best!

I lost that million-dollar listing I told you about. It’s bittersweet, but the reason is solid- I refused to tell them what they wanted to hear. I just can’t BS what a price should be. It’s my job to give my expert opinion on pricing. If I say you’ll get a certain amount, that’s what I’ll fight tooth and nail for because I believe in it. If I don’t believe in the numbers you’re hoping for, I can’t lie about it. That’s way too stressful.

Yes, I’m bummed, but that’s life. The market is changing; there are fewer buyers, interest rates are going up, no one knows what’s going on with this economy, and the uncertainty means we can’t promise 10% over list price anymore. So, I’ll continue to be as straightforward and honest, and as helpful as possible. And I’ll take the clients who see that as my value because a yes-woman, I am not.

I said goodbye to some clients on Tuesday. They’re moving east, and it’s kinda sad, honestly. It’s always a bit difficult to say goodbye to people I work so closely with. But we’re set to close on their house soon, and it was another wonderful transaction in the books. Also, they gave me the most stunning succulent plant I’ve ever seen (which the client happened to create herself using several succulent plants).

That’s all I have for now because this week is shaping up to be just as busy as last week! No complaining on my end. It’s hard for me to stay still for long anyway. Catch up with you here again soon! Enjoy!

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