Campers and COVID and Camping With Kamper

Campers and COVID and Camping With Kamper

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21


Well, I had a truly spectacular 4th of July weekend camping with my family and some friends. We all essentially forgot about COVID.  It was Tag’s birthday on the 4th, too, and we got him a lovely bottle of white zin from a tiny town called Glendo in Wyoming where apparently they only drink white zin. 

We camped there and it was gorgeous. Tons of trees, a huge lake with stellar views and quiet spaces, streams surrounded by rocks and cliffs- amazing all around. We did, most likely, swim in a bunch of cow poop at one point, but we’re all still here to tell about it, and frankly, it was worth it.

Now we’re home and I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t really realize how much I needed that break. I got a tan, Tag got broiled, the camper is destroyed, Kamper (a “water dog”) got destroyed (he’s iffy at best in the water, he’s been sleeping for two days).  

Here’s the main takeaway: don’t let Tag pack up the camper. Watermelon, broken booze bottles, an alarm that won’t stop going off- I’ll just leave it at that. 

At least the kids are in camp now so I can get some R & R after my R & R. I mean, is that something that we’ve all just made up? Needing a vacation after our vacation? Or is that a real thing? Like, is there actual science behind it? Either way, science or not, I agree with it.

Realtor® Stuff

In a stunning turn of events, both of my contracts are running smoothly.  That’s a big relief after the  Westcliffe ordeal. The agents I’m working with are awesome and communicating well, which is key. 

Sometimes agents get way too aggressive, I’m not sure why they think they need to be like that. Advocate for your client, do your job, get the best deal, but be cool.  When you get overly aggressive, all it does it bring out a bad side in the other agent, and how does that help your client? The goal of every agent should be to get the best deal and make it a happy transaction. Any other way just adds stress to an already very stressful life event. 

Super stoked to announce that we’re full steam ahead with open houses again. There are some rules:

  • Either do some crazy math to find out the max number of occupants allowed per room and make sure that max isn’t over maxed or simply keep it to one party of 3 or less at a time in the house

  • Have a clear path through the house, leaving from a different door than you enter through

  • No touching- anything 

  • Windows stay open for ventilation

  • Contact info is mandatory in case someone gets COVID and people need to be notified

It’s great we can do these again. I sell so many houses this way and I get so many clients this way. This is a win for agents, sellers, and buyers alike. 

Tonight I have a meeting with a guy who tried to buy my last Bailey listing with cash, but my clients went another way. Just after that, I came across another listing in Bailey and told his agent about it. It’s a bigger lot, with a similar house and it’s very well maintained. I’m hooking up the house owner with the client and I really hope it works out. I always feel bad when I have to tell someone they didn’t get the house they wanted, so this little meetup is as much for him as it is for me, to be honest.  

So, we could actually put this house under contract without it even going on the market. That’s always a big plus. But, if it doesn’t happen, keep your eyes open for some professional photos soon. The house is a 4/2 in Bailey and the listing is coming up next week.

Okay, friends, I’m off to do one of the two Rs before I go at it full-swing tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your week and we’ll chat here soon!


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