COVID, Barking Dogs, & Kids Running Amuck - the Usual

COVID, Barking Dogs, & Kids Running Amuck - the Usual

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/14/22

Is it me, or have everyone’s children been a little hyped up lately? Mine are driving me a bit nuts. They lost all device privileges last week for one week. Shockingly, it went well. We spent some really quality time together. But then, I gave them Nintendo rights back yesterday at 30 minutes each, and suddenly, they’re not kids anymore, but animals. I don’t want to be around them. Why are they more annoying with electronics in the picture? 

Kamper won’t stop barking, and we don’t know how to handle it. The neighbors are getting upset. I’d love some advice. Leave me a comment! 

Enough about them. 

I started a nutrition challenge online with a bunch of strangers. I signed up Tag, too, but he has yet to participate. It’s basically six weeks of being on a nutrition plan designed by nutritionists (you need to download an app) and logging what you eat. The logging is the kicker. Who has time to log? I’m literally not eating, so I don’t have to log it. Probably not ideal. Also, if I make something, there’s tons of measuring involved. AND! They want me to eat way more calories than I’m used to. I can’t even hit the number. 

Oh, yeah, also, I almost died. I fell over the banister in our house. And I would have fallen on Bridger. I was tossing something down to him and just barely leaning over it, and I don’t really know what happened next. It just gave, and I lost my balance and fell over it. Luckily there was a beam I could grab onto. It was crazy. Tag’s gonna get something to help secure it, but that was not a good experience. 

Are your friends and family all getting COVID? It seems lots of people have it now, have you noticed? I mean, it’s hitting closer to home than ever with friends and acquaintances getting it. At least the weather has been nice, and we can visit with people outside. 

I was telling you last week about my participation in our ALC program; well, we had our first meeting (I’m taking charge of the education portion). So, we had to take a personality test, which was developed specifically for Keller Williams. The test told us where we’d excel the most. Mine came up at 93% that my ideal role is a mega agent (top producer agent). And, I’m feeling great with these results. Validation, thank you very much. 

I’m so neurotic sometimes; I know if it would have said I should be doing something else, I’d be questioning all of my life choices. Second-guessing yourself takes up so much time, too. I don’t have any of that to give at the moment. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

My condo transaction is going well, just waiting for closing, and that’s scheduled for February. I’m hoping to help the same client with a commercial buy in Castle Rock. My goal is to find something off market for him to make bank on.

Buyers, the market is the worst it’s ever been for you in the history of buying real estate. Those homes that sadly were lost to the fires in Boulder County haven’t helped. Something like 50 of them were under contract, and now all those buyers are starting their search anew. And so are the sellers. It’s just incredible. Not to mention devastating for all those families. I can’t imagine.

Buyers beware; it’s a tricky landscape right now. Sellers, if you’re looking to move out of state, do it now. Even with the whole country being a sellers’ market, there are still a lot of places more affordable than Colorado. 

Sorry to leave you with this news, but on the bright side, no place to go but up! Let’s meet up again next week, and maybe I’ll have better real estate news (but don’t hold your breath!). See you soon!

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