Don’t Take Home Buying Advice from My Farmor (Gramma)

Don’t Take Home Buying Advice from My Farmor (Gramma)

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

RIP Jeremy

RIP Jeremy

I’ve been playing trivia online with my 93-year-old gramma in Sweden and it’s a hoot! She’s hysterical, she nudges me when I take too long to respond. I don’t even know how to nudge somebody. I’m enjoying this time with her because we’re not super close (she does live in Sweden after all). It’s a fun, sweet, cool experience that I’m really glad I’m getting.

But get this, she’s been renting her condo since the 50s. You heard me. The fifties. She and my granddad (who passed a few years ago) could have bought it years ago at a discount when it went from rental-only to condo. They didn’t do it. They just passed on it like it was nothing. And it’s ridiculous because she’s probably bought it three times with the amount of money that’s been put into it for the past several decades. If my younger self knew what my current self knows I’d have made them buy it.

Also, my God-Mother has a rent-controlled penthouse in NYC that she has also lived in since mid-century modern was just modern. I’d need to run the numbers on that one though since the adjacent unit was up for grabs back in 2015 for $6 million and she only pays a few $k a month. Now, depending on what the going rate was back when that building went condo she may or may not have gotten a sweet deal. Jury is still out.

On to some pretty horrific news, one of our chickens died, Jeremy. Our Americana that laid the pretty blue eggs. We only knew of one egg she laid and then she appeared to just stop, but last week I saw that she was escaping the coop and laying them in the bushes outside the safety of the fence. I should have done something about it, but I didn’t and I’m so upset. 

Kamper ate her. We came home to him doing it and we tried to save her, but we couldn’t and I was going to kill her quickly and as humanely as possible, but she died before I could. 

It truly didn’t occur to me that this may happen and I don’t know why. I was so focused on how sweet it was that she wanted to lay her eggs in private. I’m mad at myself. The whole situation was horrible because Bridger was crying his eyes out and thank goodness Sterling wasn’t there, but I could just barely keep it together myself. 

Also, we lost 50% of our egg production.

I saw a hurt deer once on the side of the road, it had clearly been hit by a car and couldn’t walk and I didn’t know what to do, so I went to a vet near where it was hit and they said they couldn’t do anything. But I couldn’t kill it. What was I supposed to do? The tag was upset with me for not putting it out of its misery. It bothers me to this day. 

Well, I had a trying week last week and this one has been a bit better. I’m working on not letting the stuff I can’t control bring me down. I’m a work in progress but will hopefully be able to use this new life strategy to my great benefit. 

This makes me happy: Sterling has been coming home from school with the funniest songs. I make him sing to me before I give him his after-school snack. I gotta get it on video so I can share it. The. Cutest. 

Realtor® Stuff

My Pine listing is closing tomorrow. Woohoo! It’s been a mostly smooth sailing experience and I’m really happy for all involved!

And the neighbor of the Pine listing saw my sign and called me for a meeting about selling their home. It went great, but they’re meeting with other agents- which I totally support and recommend. You want to work with the best agent for you and your specific style. It’s important to have a personality you like working with. Communication is going to be key to a successful relationship. I hope they pick me though.

Shout out to my friend at First Bank (who may be selling her house). The reason we were at First Bank, you ask? Getting money for the condo we now own. All closed and it’s ours. I’m excited but it’s always a bit scary too. When we lived in Georgetown, Tag and I rented out an apartment that we owned. We ended up having to evict twice. It really only got to the three-day notice but that was still sucky and I’d hate to have to move forward with legal stuff. Not to mention we lived in the unit next door. Can you say ‘awkward’?!

It’s just a lot of responsibility. We rented to two bad apples, one worse than the other, but he was really bad (like fled-the-country-bad) and I’m hoping our management company will handle the brunt of that type of stuff. I don’t want to deal with crazy people. I do enough of that at home.

Realtorly Advice

If you’re renting and your building or homeowners decide to sell to their renters and they give you an option to buy it at a discount- do it. Don’t be my gramma (who I love and adore, but seriously- the 50s).

Enjoy your week friends and family and I’ll see you here next week!

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