Family Drama & Buyers Galore

Family Drama & Buyers Galore

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/3/22

I hate to start on a vent, but I’m going to: I enrolled Bridger in football camp, and I’m already regretting it because he didn’t even thank me. I mean, did moms always know that kids were thankless little a-holes? Or is it just mine? How can they not see anything from anyone else’s perspective? How are they so clueless? AND! He gave Sterling a laboriously verbal beat down because Sterling threw a bunch of Band-Aids at him. 

Band. Aids. *deep sigh

Do I get too mad? Am I just a horrible mom? I don’t know. But Bridger and I will be discussing his attitude later today. 

I know I’m not perfect… Tag and I got in a little fight last week, more or less because he was sick and got mopey, and I really don’t have a lot of patience for that, if I’m being honest. On top of it, Bridger got me mad (separate incident than the afore-mentioned football fight). 

I ended up just leaving the house and getting a pedicure and a massage. Incidentally, it was the most painful massage I’ve ever gotten. And it was an hour and a half long. I actually had to ask him to lighten up, but it didn’t seem like he did. I guess it’s better if the massage is too hard than too weak. It was a Chinese massage, and I had to keep all my clothes on. That was odd. Anyway, I’ll go back because it got the job done. Check them out: Asian Deep Relax Massage in Denver West by Einstein Bagels.

Mt. Evans Home Health Care and Hospice had their fundraiser last week, and I helped set up the gala event. It was actually fun, and I met some lovely ladies. I even made a new friend who I think I’ll hang out with soon. 

Oh, and shout out to my best friend from high school! She’s having a baby, and I’m so excited for her. Our 20-year reunion is in June, so I may go to Boston during that time and see her and then hit up the reunion. Speaking of getting old, it was my sister’s 52nd birthday yesterday, and that just sounds insane to my ears. Not because that’s old, but because she is perpetually 25 in my eyes. Happy birthday, sis!

Colorado Realtor Activity

My Bailey listing is going great. The appraisal was yesterday and it went well. I like to put comps and a list of improvements together for the appraiser. Sometimes they like it, it makes things easier for them. They are just human beings making an educated guess on how much a house is worth, so why not give them some help if you can?

I’ve also looked at a couple land properties with some spectacular views but it has some complications with the buyers and sellers. I’m going to try and help them navigate that. Hopefully, it goes smoothly. 

I have so many buyers right now- it’s crazy. The range in price is significant; however, the inventory lows are hitting everywhere. If you want to buy, make sure that you’re well qualified with your lender and get them all of your paperwork (W-2s, taxes, etc.). 

Being fully qualified is vital. Don’t make the lender guess how much you make or have to figure it out through what you tell them. You’ll need to provide solid proof before you get approved for any loan, so go ahead and do that straight away so you’re further in the process and know exactly what you can get. 

I have a buyer who wants to be in Pine and she has an FHA loan. The home needs some work and that’s not great when it comes to this kind of loan because FHA loans generally mean the buyer doesn’t have a lot of money or great credit. Unfortunately, that carries a bit of stigma and sellers sometimes think twice before selling to them because there’s a fear of challenges arising. Not to mention the FHA appraisal process can be a little scary because the homes have to be in good enough shape to qualify too. Think health and safety items. If it’s got a leaky roof, it’s more likely than not a no-go for FHA.

Conventional loans are always best. This says you have good credit and some money to spend. If you need help getting your credit up, I happen to know some stuff, so reach out and I’ll get you in touch with the right people. Your credit score dictates your interest rate, so it’s a good idea to get that up. With a 740, you’ll get the best interest rate possible, so shoot for that!

Okay, I’m off to practice my impending conversation with Bridger. Wish me luck. 

Have a great week!

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