Florida, I See You!

Florida, I See You!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/14/22

I’m really sick of the cold, so I’m planning that trip to FL with my mom next week, and super stoked to do it. We'll sit on the beach, eat some seafood, check out some open houses. You know me, I love looking at houses. Florida architecture is so different from here. #stucco, see you soon!

The plan is that we sell our condo here and do a 1031 exchange for a Florida house. With a pool. And lots of rooms. A pool cabana would be lovely. I’ll take pool boy auditions (not to objectify them, but based on how well they clean the pool!) Sorry, I got distracted; anyway, it’d be great if she doesn’t have to pay a mortgage for the rest of her life. I want to help set her up, and then we’d have a place to go on vacay where it's hot and balmy and palm trees in place of snow.  

Okay, let’s get down to business, shall we? Bridgerton? Anyone? How fantastic is this show? It’s back with a vengeance. I started reading the books after the first season, but they got kinda boring. I’m loving the new season, though, and highly recommend it if you’re not currently watching it. 

I’ve mentioned before that my BFF from high school is almost 40, having her first baby, and buying her first house. I think both are due on the same day, and you just gotta give it to her. Handling two of life’s most stressful situations for the first time at the same time- that’s a woman who’s up for a challenge. I think I may fly over to see her and help her for a bit. 

We got our solar battery installed on the house yesterday. You can see it fill and drain on the app. It’s so techy. Speaking of solar, have you guys seen the new Rivian car? I’ve been checking them out, and I’m honestly not as impressed as I thought I’d be. It’s pretty small, and I’m a realtor with two kids, a husband, a dog, and a Costco account. I do want an electric car eventually. I should probably wait till we have a garage.

Little shoutout to myself, I haven’t been drinking for exactly two years and one month now! I do attest to it being a total life changer. I feel better in general and am a better person for it. Sure, life can be a little more boring, but I don’t know about you; I happen to embrace a little boring in this chaotic world of ours. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

Interest rates are almost at 5%, and house prices are still going up. This is not a great combo. There’ll be another three or four interest rate hikes from the fed, which will affect the economy and mortgage rates coming soon, too. Some say we might hit 7% before the end of the year, ahhhhhh!

Part of the benefit of the rate hikes will be a slower market, and people who want to sell will be able to sell their homes and find another one to move into (sans the fear of homelessness). Plus, the over-asking prices will significantly decrease. I anticipate that buyers will stop searching as much, and more inventory will pop up. Houses will likely take at least a month to sell rather than a few days to sell. I don’t see the appreciation of homes declining, however. So, that’s good. I think yearly averages will appreciate as normal. Maybe not by 20% like some are now, but still…

I had to say goodbye to some sweet clients who recently moved to Wisconsin, so lots of luck to you guys. You will be missed! 

Just listed: 9360 S. Warhawk Rd. in Conifer. This beauty is 3200 square feet with a three-car garage. It’s got agricultural zoning for animals. However, the well water is for household use only. There’s a gorgeous barn that’s ready for animals. It has aspen trees and a creek, vaulted ceilings, open kitchen, great for entertaining. It’s coming in at $1.395M, so get your checkbooks ready!

Alrighty, I’m off to watch a Bridgerton episode and Zillow some South Florida homes! Enjoy your week all!

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