Florida Livin’

Florida Livin’

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/21/22

I’m in Florida with Moms looking for a vacation home for the fam, and it’s incredible! I ended up coming out a day earlier than planned, and I couldn't be happier. We’re staying in Tampa near Clearwater Beach- it’s heaven (but super packed). It’s actually a little chilly in the evenings here, I wasn’t expecting that, but I like it because it’s crazy hot, and it’s only April, folks. Oh, and it snowed in Colorado last week. I mean, seriously. 

Are you interested in moving from CO to FL? I’ll have a great video to show you soon so you can get the lowdown on what it takes and what you’ll get. We’ve been driving around, checking it all out and there have been several awesome places. We really like Tarpon Springs. Ever been? 

While I’m here, Tag is with the boys, and they’re headed to do some camping this weekend which they all enjoy, so that’ll be fun for them. Bridger’s been doing great with baseball. He hit a slammer to the outfield last week, and we were all very impressed. I’m thinking about getting him into Rugby, but their sans-pads attitude is weird to me. What’s up with that? Maybe with no pads, the kids just don’t hit as hard? Maybe they’re just more thoughtful with how they tackle? I dunno. 

I did some cat-sitting for my BFF’s cat, and that kitty is the sweetest, furriest guy. We snuggled a bunch and had some serious cozy time while I watched TV. It was a nice break in my usual routine. 

Book Club

No, I have not forgotten. I’m still re-reading The Happiness Advantage, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to get into it lately. I’ll dive back into it after this little vacay, though, and give you all some good pointers from it. 

Do you have any books you want to recommend? Tell me, tell me!  

Colorado Realtor Activity 

I had an open house at my Warhawk listing, and we’re already under contract- the first showing was last Friday, and the contract was signed Sunday. Easy peasy. 

I’m closing on my Solterra listing next week and an off-market property this week. That was kinda a funny deal. I found out this fun fact: If you change title companies mid-sale, the new title company may not require an ILC or survey, as the last one did. 

The market is kind of cooling due to the interest rate hike. The $500K mark is still really competitive, but those higher-priced homes will be affected. I did some math: if you have a $900,000 mortgage and your interest rate goes up by 1%, your payment goes up by $2400 a month. That’s no joke. Our average purchase price is between $700,000 and $800,000, so that’s a big jump in a payment. Food for thought. 

Buyers are feeling like they have a little more opportunity, though. They can likely buy a home based on the sale of their home (contingency), and that’s helpful for people who need that because recently, that wasn’t an option. 

Okay, I’m off to have a boat ride and enjoy this lovely, balmy Florida evening with my mom. Have a great week!

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