From Go Avs to No Avs & Clients Galore!

From Go Avs to No Avs & Clients Galore!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/26/22

Well, our condo has been listed, y’all (and it’s under contract, details below)! We decided to go to Florida for Memorial Day weekend, just Tag and me. We’re not going forward with buying a sight-unseen property, so we’re checking out Mt. Dora, Clermont, Davenport, Tampa, Spring Hill, and Kissimmee. I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be a super-fast trip, just three days of non-stop home searching. 

It can’t get here soon enough because Tag’s all hockey-unhappy. The Avs lost. After having a 3-0 lead. Argg. 

Working with Florida agents is an odd experience. They don’t have any fiduciary duty toward their clients. No advice is given. So people really need to navigate the market on their own, and the financial aspect of that can be pretty tricky. I mean, huh? That’s like, entirely my job description here. Glad I already know what I’m doing, but not great for those who don’t. 

Okay, let’s have a PSA about the danger of baked beans. Last weekend, here we were, having a very fun afternoon with friends, when all of a sudden, one of said friends looked at me with sheer terror that I will never be able to unsee, and she was choking. I had to scream for Tag to come over to Heimlich maneuver her, possibly breaking ribs and all that. Luckily, she got THE BEAN down her throat successfully, and no ribs were broken; we all lived to see another day.  

Note to all: Don’t laugh while eating baked beans; it’s perilous. 

And speaking of food, I had a DEXA scan done recently. Turns out my scale reading of body fat is pretty far off from the real thing. If you don’t know, a DEXA scan reads your resting metabolic rate and your body fat content. My results were depressing. Scale says I’m at 21% body fat, scan says I’m at 29.9% body fat. 

And yes, this scan is uber-accurate. It’s a six-minute process that calculates all of your bone and fat mass. Incidentally, I have great bones, so woohoo. I’ve never broken a bone before, which is just good old-fashioned luck because I’ve always been pretty active and snowboarded and done stupid stuff. So, at least there’s that. 

But get this, my resting metabolic rate is at 1886 calories a day, meaning that’s what I can eat with regular activity included. If I do nothing all day, then my calorie count comes in at an underwhelming 1325. So, that’s the number of calories I should be eating to lose weight. Boo to you, DEXA scan. *thumbs down

Summer, summer, summertime is here! Do you have your music summer mix put together yet? I love summer, but I always get nervous about the kids-work balance. How do we do this successfully? It’s not rhetorical. If you know, message me. 

Anyway, we have lots planned this summer, so I hope we get to do it all and it goes as planned. But, honestly, when does anything go as planned? Especially when kids are involved. We’ll revisit this upon their return to school. 

While we’re on the subject of school, and not to get all depressing, there was another school shooting. This time it was an elementary school (!!!!!!) in Texas. I’m sure you all know. I’m not getting political here, but What the actual F-word are we doing? This is leaving a nation traumatized. I don’t have the answers, so I’m not going on about it, but if you want to donate to the victims of a school shooting or give blood, learn more and help if you can. 

Colorado Realtor Activity 

The Conifer house sale is going well, and I’m gonna get superstitious on you here, but I think it’s because we buried a mini St. Joseph (I think that’s the saint) upside down on the property. My client swears by this and has done this ritual every time she’s ever sold a house. Needless to say, it’s brought her nothing but good luck. 

Apparently, St. Joseph doesn’t like being upside down (who would?), so you dig him up when the house is sold. So, basically, he helps get the house sold faster so he can be undug faster. And guess what? It’s looking like we’re closing early on the property. So, guess what else? I’m investing in a bunch of little saints. I like believing in stuff like this. It makes life so much more entertaining, don’t you think?  

Anyway, another stellar story about this house: there’s a little fox who happened to come straight up to the buyer’s agent (who is also the buyer’s daughter) and curled up on the seat next to her. WHAT? How cool is that?! It comes out every time they’re at the house, so I asked my client, the seller, about it. 

She said that when they bought the house a whopping 17 years ago, they were out in the yard and a fox came and jumped into the seat next to her and just slept. It only happened that one time. Is it the same fox? I looked it up, and they don’t live that long in the wild- not even close to that long (2-3 years). So, what’s happening here? Is it an offspring of that fox, and this is genetic? Either way, I’m living for the cuteness of the story.  

Well, I have what feels like at least 10 clients I’m currently working with on the regular, so it’s real busy, and I’m cool with that. Photos are coming on a condo I have this week; I’ll keep you posted!

As far as our listed condo, we had a bunch of showings and got offers (after a stressful few days). But before I get into that, have you guys ever worked with Molly Maids? I had the worst experience with them. I hired them to clean the place after I staged it, and they never showed! No calls, no email, no RETURNED calls to me?? What the F? Who does business like that? Then, when I finally got through to someone, they said they’d come again, and they didn’t!! WHAT? 

I’m not happy.

Anyway, despite a dirty place, we got a couple of offers, the first for $200K (listed at $190K, so big win), a conventional loan, all good. Only to have it terminated on Monday under bizarre circumstances. The lender blamed the agent; the agent blamed the lender. Grrr. Out of my hands, but glad I didn’t change the status on MLS because we ended up getting and accepting a second offer which is going great. 

Alrighty, I’m off to pack for a Florida run! Anyone need anything? Ha! You all enjoy your week, and I’ll see you again soon!

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