Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/1/22

Well, this week was interesting! I stopped by my clients house to drop off a pie for Thanksgiving and to see how she was doing after shoulder surgery and you wouldn’t believe who answered the door. We made eye contact and then both did a few double-takes before we were both like, “No Way.” And then we both started laughing because she was my midwife who delivered Bridger! What are the odds of that? Turns out, she’s my client’s daughter! It’s a small world indeed. 

We had a great little catch-up and it was lovely seeing her again. 

That was the high note of the week. The low, you ask? Well, that happened Tuesday when Mom and I took Bridger skiing. To say it was a disaster would be an understatement. Bridger fell the entire time. It was brutal to watch. And really frustrating for Mom and me. Did I mention we only did ONE run? The whole day. ONE. RUN. 

And he’s still “refusing” to take lessons. But what he doesn’t seem to understand, is that he gets no say and that boy will be taking some lessons. What a cluster. I was bummed it didn’t go better, but we have the season in front of us. Maybe I should tell him he won’t get his hair cut again until he makes it down the hill at least once without falling? Thoughts? It seemed to work with hitting the ball…

And maybe even worse than that, we lost another chicken. Our neighbor told us she heard some crazy noises in our yard early evening on Tuesday. I guess it was the sound of death. Poor little guy. 

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all that I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving full of belly laughs, loads of love and food, great memories made, and great memories shared! 

I’m so grateful for you all and for all the wonderful things I have in my life. I know we can easily take a lot for granted and every year I say I won’t do that anymore and every year I do it again, but I’m giving myself some grace and just gonna do the best I can. That’s the plan! 

As we settle down to a table of parents (BOTH of mine in the same room for the first time in decades), kids, friends, and food, I’ll welcome the boys yelling and fighting and my parents pretending they like each other. It’ll be a Thanksgiving for the ages, folks.  

I’m off to start preparing the food for the feast. I’m optimistic I’ll be here next week but I am sharing a cabin with my whole family for a few days, so here’s to hoping!

From my family to yours, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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