Interest Rates Are the New Black

Interest Rates Are the New Black

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

I say ‘um’ a lot. It’s really starting to annoy me. That’s really all I want to say about it.

I’m in love with my chickens, they brighten every day and every breath. Those cuties actually run to greet me and I eat it up. Also, they’re legit egg-layers now and I’m super proud of them. So, in a way, I’m literally eating them up.

I saw a handful of friends and clients that have turned into friends, over the weekend and some I hadn’t seen in years. It was so nice. I off-handedly complimented my lunch date’s French butter keeper and guess what I just received in the mail? You got it. I mean, how thoughtful is that? Thank you, Dottie, for being you and for letting me into your life!

Well, as I told you, the family left last week to go elk hunting. Turns out it went terribly because they came home early. Not for the elks necessarily. For the humans, there was a clogged toilet in the camper as well as the complete loss of power making heat unobtainable. They ended up having to get a hotel in Granby. So, my boys are back but Tag’s taking the boys scouting again, for deer this time.

Not all was lost, both boys are so happy to be hanging out with Grammy and pappy again because it’s been far and few between since COVID hit. They’ve been very cautious and are just now starting to open up to us. We’re all thrilled, they’ve been greatly missed. And on a selfish note, I got my babysitters back! dancing a jig.

Speaking of grandparents, my mom is back home after her trip with my sisters, she’s safe and sound and COVID-free. They had a really nice trip and she’s making plans to come here for Thanksgiving. I ordered my turkey from Natural Grocers. Got a 16 pounder. I highly recommend you check out their stellar selection of happy Turkeys (I mean, of course, they’re dead now, but they lived happily, that’s what the lady at the store said).

I’ve had one session with my new business coach and then cried. It was really overwhelming and I need some time to take it in and get it all organized so I can ingest it properly. I function much better with outlines, bullet points, plans, and organization. I’m fully inclined to believe this process will work and be a success, with no tears in the near future.

Wait! What? How is it already the holidays? It’s not rhetorical. Do you have an answer? How is the longest year of my life also the shortest? Where’s Stephen Hawking when you need him? I feel like there’s some strange universe stuff happening.

Realtor® Stuff

I listened to this amazing podcast regarding market updates. It was between my business coach’s boss, Tom Ferry, and a woman named Ivy Zelman. She’s a well-known real estate consultant and analyst. Check it out.

Okay, listen up, this is quality advice: the level of opportunity when it comes to homeownership is so great right now. Don’t look at the sticker price of a house, but the interest rate. You’ll never get interest rates this low again (I have no way of knowing that, but it’s gonna be a long time before it happens. Probably). The way to really tell if the economy is doing well is not by watching the stock market, it’s by watching the 10-year treasury bonds and interest rates. These things will indicate what’s to come. A healthy economy means interest rates are high. A waning economy means they’re low. And they’re low.

Build equity. Real estate is a long-term game. Get the loans at low rates, build that equity, and you’ve got yourself a great opportunity and a great investment. Looking to trade up (your house), now’s a good time.

Also, refinance if you’re staying in your house. Keller Mortgage is awesome, we just used them. Great experience. Let’s talk about this option for you.

On a personal note, I had a very professionally difficult week. I got a major disappointment regarding a development project I initiated. I introduced the landowner and the developer and they agreed to work on a seven home project. Then, they decided to completely shut me out of it. I was so upset and I’m working on glass-half-filling it, but it ain’t easy.

Then I was competing for a listing that I didn’t get based on my full commission rate. Here’s what I want you to know about that: I’m full service and charge full commission so I can give the best service possible. When agents charge decreased amounts, they need to make up for that in volume. This makes them much busier and when busier, it’s hard to focus and give clients the attention they need (and deserve).

Yes, this is my job and I need to make money and this job is no joke. It’s a ton of work, so I think you get what you pay for. But, also, I think it’s important to have a handful of happy full-commission clients, rather than tons of unhappy partial-commission clients. Not only that but charging full commission allows me to pitch in if I need to in order to save your deal. A bit of wiggle room can go a long way.

Then my Franktown clients called and told me they wanted out of their contract. We’re closing tomorrow and they told me yesterday. Then they just started laughing and told me they were kidding. Then I fell over.

Ugh. I’m ready for the weekend. I may be dinged up but I am not broken. I will never break. You gotta keep looking up and make lemonade when those doors close, or something like that.

If you’re interested in a free market valuation, let’s talk. I’m happy to help. It’s a super easy process. I can give you a price range valuation, but if I can see the property, it will be more accurate. Believe me when I tell you, the numbers will surprise you.

Friends, family, clients- enjoy your weekend.

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