Kid Stuff for the Win

Kid Stuff for the Win

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 03/17/22

Kid Stuff for the Win

Lots of kid stuff going on, and yes, I’m handling it all very well. I invested in some CBD that is great at managing my stress levels, so I’m momming like a mofo. Case in point, I volunteered in Sterling’s class last week, and it was so cute. I mean, kids are pretty cute sometimes, right? (Even if they don’t remember to do their chores on the regular.) 

I also have Sterling enrolled in a sleepaway camp for three nights this summer. It’s the same one Bridger goes to for two weeks. I’m excited, Tag’s excited, the kids are excited. I think it’ll be great for all involved. Incidentally, I remember going to sleepaway camp when I was little. I’d go visit my dad for the summer, and he’d send me away to camp. (Seriously, Dad?) I didn’t really make friends easily back then because I was so shy, so I wasn’t a fan, but my kids are friend-making machines, so they’re good. 

We also just heard about this trip to D.C. for Jeffco kids (sponsored by Jeffco), and one of Bridger’s friends is signed up, so I think we’ll get Bridger on board, too. I mean, what a cool learning experience. I know he’ll love it. It’s just 5 or 6 days. If you want to learn more about it, reach out, and I’ll get you the info. 

Annnnnd, spring officially starts in a few days, which means baseball and football season have started. Lots of practices, lots of games, lots of commitments. And let’s not forget lots of snow. How is this amount of snow still happening? Come on! Right? I mean, spring is within our grasp, and we’re getting snow-pounded as we speak. Loads of inches are in store for us up here in the mountains. #mountainliving 

So, instead of planting herbs and flowers, it looks like I’ll be cozying up with a book this weekend, which works out because I had Book Babes yesterday, and that always makes for a lovely afternoon. However, I forgot my teeth (aka Invisalign) there and had no time to get back to grab them, so Tag the Hero to the rescue. Is this some foreshadowing of our future together? Me leaving my teeth at delis around town and Tag having to go back and pick them up for me? It’s anyone’s guess. But, that’s love, if you ask me. 

A couple of shout outs are necessary:

  • Shout out to the senate because, finally, we may get daylight savings time (or standard, I’m not picky). Forever. 
  • Shout out to my little man, Sterling, who’s gonna be six this weekend! Can’t believe it, yet it’s true.
  • Shout out to CBD for keeping my sanity and anxiety in check.

Colorado Realtor Activity

Well, we did it. We got through all the inspections on my stressful listing, and I’m so glad it’s over. We’re closing on Monday, and all is good, and everyone is pleased. I had to pitch in a bit of commission, but I’m happy to do that whenever necessary. Client-wise, this was such a great transaction. Just those inspections, man (see shout-out to CBD above).

Anyway, get this, the previous owners of this house have tons of birds, a deer, and a fox that visit. They’ve all been named and are totally loved by the couple. It’s the best. And, the new owners want to keep this Disney movie going (because- a deer named Bob, so, duh). So, they’ve been given all the names and visiting schedules to ensure the creatures are taken care of for years to come. I love this happy ending. 

As far as upcoming listings, I have a possible new one coming up in Bailey and a photoshoot for a listing of mine in Solterra this week, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know when those pictures are up! 

That’s all for now. Stay warm and dry while you read a book, or go ski and sled- you got options. See you soon!

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