Lots of Great Firsts Contribute to Lots of Great Balance

Lots of Great Firsts Contribute to Lots of Great Balance

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/5/22

Have you ever tried to focus on something in the most general sense? That sounds philosophical. What I mean is, have you ever thought, like, “Okay, today I’m going to focus on being present.” Or, maybe, “This year, I’m going to focus on finding balance.” Well, that’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to focus on balance in all aspects of life. 

What I’ve been doing lately is basing my decisions on balance. It’s actually beneficial when it comes to making smart decisions because I have an outcome in mind that will help my life. I was listening to this amazing podcast, and I’m sharing it with you so you can check it out. 

Cliff Notes: A guy had all this success and then realized that he didn’t want his success to be so focused on his business; he wanted it to be more about his family. So he decided to rearrange his priorities and find a better work-life balance. And guess what happened? He became happier, more present, a better dad, and more successful with renewed focus and an even better career. 

Speaking of careers, last Friday, I was at Ace Hardware, and the cashier told me that she knows and reads my blog post! Shout-out to Reggie! Thanks for reading! She told me that she likes how I’m always trying to better myself. I said it’s a constant struggle. I just hope these things help encourage people to always keep learning and growing. I loved the feedback, it was so appreciated. It was a first for me from someone I don’t know and an encounter I will never forget. 

Our unexpected encounter made me want to ask you guys if you have topics you’d like me to talk about or concerns in life that I may be able to relate to and write about. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

Florida is still on our horizon. We’re selling our condo and getting a place in Orlando (fingers crossed). There is a possibility of Miami with this great new space with a great new concept. It’s zoned for Airbnb, which is cool, but the owners can only use it for 30 days out of the year. That’s weird to me. Your Airbnb business must be on point all year long, and I don’t know if that stress is necessary in my life right now. 

Oh! A good friend of mine came into town because her son is looking to move here; he’s a big Boulder fan. I met her at that Tom Ferry convention in Vegas I went to. It was good to see her again and hear about her son’s plans and adventures. Oh to be young again!!!

Book Club

So, we’re back in business with book club! Here’s what I got: The Happiness Advantage topic I want to go over in this post is his recommendations that lead to a happier you: 

  • Meditation
  • Have something to look forward to
  • Do something kind for someone
  • Exercise
  • Do something that you’re good at

When you implement these things in your life, you’re prone to being happy. Plus, they all make you healthier mentally and physically, so win-win. 

Also, I finished a book called His and Her by Alice Feeney. It’s so good- a psychological thriller that was really well written. If you’re looking for some entertainment, now you got it. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

I had a great listing appointment the other day, and the couple has reached out asking me to take it on. I enjoyed my time with them and think we’ll work well together. This lead came from the internet, which is excellent because it means my name is floating around on the wild wild web. 

I also got a call from one of my Facebook posts regarding a colleague's $2M+ horse property. Again, very happy about that because that’s another first for me. I’ve been working on this blog and my social media reach for a couple years, and it’s starting to really take off. It’s a long game but worth it! Plus, I get the added bonus of venting to you guys. The moral of the story: consistent baby steps can change your life.  

Anyway, new listing coming soon will go active next week: 3/2, nearly 1800 square feet on Paul’s Drive in the mountains. I’m staging it now and got all the good stuff. It’s so fun to do that. I’m a bit nervous because I don’t have a design background, but I am certified in staging and I did learn how to do this for flow, balance, and great lighting. Come check it out! I’ll get you the details soon. 

Interest rates went down a little bit but now they are back up. There are some great options out there like lock and shop. Shout out to Mike Sadowski over at Aslan Home Lending.

Okay, well, all my firsts have been so welcomed and humbling this week; I couldn’t be happier because they made me appreciate the decisions I’ve been making to help me balance my life out. So, Reggie, new clients, Vegas friend, good books: you all made it a fantastic week! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you all get out there and have a tremendous day full of yummy food, fun music, and maybe a little dancing (in the kitchen works!)! Cheers and enjoy!

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