Orlando or Bust

Orlando or Bust

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/24/22

Orlando or Bust

I just got back from the Keller Williams Family Reunion event in Orlando. It was a smashing success. We discussed the state of the company and the trajectory for real estate and a bunch of other interesting topics. Lots of speakers and slideshows, as you can imagine. 

There was a super interesting slide we saw that explained the current market like this: 

A good and healthy appreciation for homes is between 3% and 4% per year. If we didn’t have that last recession known as the Great Recession (due to the bubble burst of the previous crazy housing market), houses that were purchased in 1990 that appreciated at 4%, would be worth what they’re selling for today. So, what’s this mean? It means the housing prices may not be that nuts for some of these homes. This info literally almost blew my head off my shoulders.

Anyway, the weather in Orlando was amazing. Just as expected. 70s all the time, sunny, palm trees, convertibles, fancy drinks, bikinis, beach- not that I got to really see or experience any of that, those are all assumptions based on past encounters with Florida. No, the KW team was hard at work. Learning and stuff. 

The convention was actually quite good and I met lots of awesome people. There were interesting booths detailing new divisions of KW, including one on how to work with the rich and famous (sports and entertainment) clients. I didn’t investigate further, celebrities are known to be high-maintenance and I have my hands full with low- to medium-maintenance soccer moms and dads. 

However, I did go to the new home build booth. I’d like to start representing developers and this is where I got my feet wet. I’m now halfway through their course and I think it’ll pay off. I still have that big gig possibility to work with a developer, and this course, combined with some firsthand experience, will be stellar. 

So, the convention was fun, but it started off with some stress. I told you guys last week that I had to list a house the day I left (due to the client’s necessities and timeframe). That wasn’t ideal and although that’s the first time I’ve ever not been around when a house was listed, I knew I’d hate it. And I was right. 

Also, the house is perfection, except for one thing, it has a low-producing well. I noted this in the broker remarks on the MLS listing. So, that, too, made me uncomfortable- wondering if anyone would want to look at it and all that, then my clients freaking out, then me feeling horrible for being away and not being able to do anything about it, then them firing me, then me never getting another client, then quitting real estate, my family leaving me and taking the dog and chickens… Anyway, we got several offers on it so crisis averted. 

I think I need to work on handling my stress better and not going down those rabbit holes. I mean, I need to meet my client’s needs, of course, but there’s probably a more constructive way to handle and manage my stress (that doesn’t include images of me alone in my jammies eating chocolate bars all day). 

Okay, so that all ended up to be fine and great in the end, but much like the beginning of the trip, the end started off a bit stressful, too. I thought my flight left at 9:45 am and while in the taxi I checked to ensure there were no delays and then realized my flight was actually leaving at 12:46 pm. 

Well, it’s a $60 taxi ride so I’m not gonna do it twice. So, I go five hours early and can’t even check in I’m so early, but was excited to use my United Club membership, which was a first. It was so nice to have some downtime and just relax. I called family and messed around on my computer. I really enjoyed myself and the time flew by. (Incidentally, I left my computer charger in the United Club and had to order another one, which was annoying.)

I want to tell you all about the book I’m reading. It’s called The Happiness Advantage. It’s about how happiness is a precursor to productivity. So, basically, the happier you are, the more likely you are to succeed. In it, they teach how to increase your happiness and that it’s possible to become happier through practice and specific techniques. That’s pretty cool. Who knew?  

Another way to increase happiness and improve your success: hire a VA. I did that this week, so I’m feeling confident I’ll be able to get more done. Lovely. 

Oh! We find out what’s going on with the Briarhurst property soon. I’m getting more and more excited about this project. I already have some great ideas so my hopes are up, y’all. Send those positive vibes!!

Colorado Realtor Activity

Work is really busy. I listed my land listing on Friday in Dumont, it’s a great opportunity but we haven’t had much activity just yet. It’s pretty flat so there’s a lot of room for buildings. It’s just over 11-acres and has three separate mining claims with stunning panoramic views. It’s listed at $399,000.

Okay, that’s all I can tell you about right now so I may not seem really busy, but there are some things in the works that I can’t wait to tell you all about! 

Hope you guys had a great week and we’ll talk again very soon!

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