Pumpkins, Savings, Pies, & Selling Houses in the Mountains

Pumpkins, Savings, Pies, & Selling Houses in the Mountains

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 10/13/22

Has anyone gone to a pumpkin patch yet? My besties and I went last weekend, and it was so much fun! Corn mazes, alpacas, pumpkins, hayrides, hot apple cider, I mean, the works. I think the adults had more fun than the kids. 

I met with a great financial advisor who helps people save, work on their credit, reach their financial goals, all the excellent money stuff. If you want her information, I’d love to give it to you, and if you’re my client, she’ll help with credit building for free!

She’s helping some good friends of mine now, and here’s what one had to say, “We started working with Amy a few months ago. We had NO savings. NO retirement. NO credit (no credit cards, for that matter). 12 weeks later, we’re budgeting, we have a few thousand dollars in our savings account, we’ve got credit cards, and our credit scores have gone up over 25 points each, and we’re investing our money and creating a solid portfolio. Game changer. Highly recommend.”

I recommend her too, believe me when I tell you, “portfolio” is not a word my friend would have uttered a few months ago. If Amy can help her, she can help you. She walks you through everything, holds your hand, gives you tips and tricks. Contact me for her details and get to savin’!

Also, while I’m in recommending mode, our handyman-type guy is awesome and can fix anything. If you’re in the market for getting some home repairs done, let me know; I got the guy for you. 

What’s better than getting control of your finances? PIE! ‘Tis the season! Village Pie Maker pies are coming! You won’t want to miss out, and they WILL go fast because not only are they delicious, but they’re also FREE (to you)! 

Choose from apple, peach, cherry, berry, or pumpkin. They’re all heavenly. You bake them at home (from frozen), so, yes, super easy, but you’ll still get all that adoration from your mother-in-law, who doesn’t need to know who actually made it. 

To order, fill out the easy form here and let us know the pie flavor that’s ticklin’ your fancy. We’ll reach out and let you know when and where to pick them up! We’ll set up shop in Evergreen, Conifer, Pine and Arvada around Thanksgiving.

When you fill out the order form, you sign up to receive information and coupons from me. You’ll get monthly postcards that I genuinely want you to use, offering discounts to various local establishments (this month’s was a free app at Outback). 

Football is going great for Bridger. One of his oldest and dearest girlfriends (not girlfriend girlfriend, but a girl who’s his friend), Parker, came last week and was water girl. She’s coming this weekend, too. It’s pretty cute. Bridger is also trying out for some baseball leagues this weekend. Wish us luck! 

My Real Estate Status

Remember the guy who called me with a listing in Ft. Lupton? He called because my name begins with a V? Yep, him. The house he wants to sell is on the same street as a listing I had back in 2021, which I mentioned to him. I went there last week, and he was there doing some work to prepare it for sale. 

He tells me that he knows the man that owned the house I sold- more than knows him; he’s his nephew. WHAT? That’s insane. He found me from Google, not knowing I had anything to do with his family’s previous transaction. Again, WHAT? 

The odds are stacked against that one (there are over 52,000 agents in Colorado, so I guess the odds are about 1:52,000). So, he hired me, verbally, and I sent him a few questions to answer. And crickets. Nada. I was a bit stressed, but he did end up getting back in touch and explaining he’s not great at communication. Wish me luck folks.

West Ranch is under contract, and that is HUGE! It’s not a great market for sellers at the moment, so this could have gone south, but we hit the jackpot with the buyers, and I know their agent; smooth sailing thus far.

Closing tomorrow with my first-time homebuyer, and he’s the best. He’s so happy to end the roommate years of his life. 

Sellers aren’t listing right now: it’s cold, no one wants to move over the holidays, all that. So inventory is relatively low now, which is normal. And buyers aren’t really wanting to buy during this time either, not unless they’re VERY serious about it. I happen to have a couple who are VERY serious, and finding great houses isn’t so great.

Why Owning a Home Pays Off in the Long Run 

Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

"There was a very interesting jump in buyer activity for this week's report. Looking at the heat map the colors for pending and closed activity really heated up and looked more like numbers from June than what I would expect to see in October. In speaking with Nicole Rueth of One Trust Mortgage there was a slight dip in interest rate from above 7% to the mid 6% range in the middle of my Wednesday to Tuesday pull just before the weekend hit that could have stimulated this reaction.

Our average daily active count rose by 1.7% over last week to 7,034 listings for sale heading into last weekend, but pending transactions jumped a whopping 56.4% over the last week to 1,409 units going under contract. This shifted our predictive months supply of inventory down -35.3% to 1.1 months of inventory. I'm not sure if this is just a one-week anomaly or if this is going to be a continued trend of buyer activity. Perhaps buyers are trying to get ahead of the possible future interest rate hikes we anticipate through the end of the year. Stay tuned, we'll be back at it next week to report on the buyer activity."

4 Things That Help Determine Your Mortgage Rate

If you’re looking to buy a home, you probably want to secure the lowest interest rate possible for your home loan. Over the last couple of years, that was easier to do as the housing market saw record-low mortgage rates, but this year, rates have risen dramatically

If you’re looking for ways to combat today’s higher rates and lock in the lowest one you can, here are a few factors to focus on. Since approval opportunities can vary, connect with a trusted lender for customized advice.

  1. Your Credit Score

Credit scores can play a big role in your mortgage rate. Freddie Mac explains:

When you build and maintain strong credit, mortgage lenders have greater confidence when qualifying you for a mortgage because they see that you’ve paid back your loans as agreed and used your credit wisely. Strong credit also means your lender is more apt to approve you for a mortgage that has more favorable terms and a lower interest rate.”

That’s why it’s important to maintain a good credit score. If you want to focus on improving your score, your trusted advisor can give you expert advice to help.

  1. Your Loan Type

There are many types of loans, each offering different terms for qualified buyers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) says:

There are several broad categories of mortgage loans, such as conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA loans. Lenders decide which products to offer, and loan types have different eligibility requirements. Rates can be significantly different depending on what loan type you choose.”

When working with your real estate advisor, ensure you find out what’s available in your area and which types of loans you may qualify for.

  1. Your Loan Term

Another factor to consider is the term of your loan. Just like with location and loan types, you have options. Freddie Mac says:

When choosing the right home loan for you, it’s important to consider the loan term, which is the length of time it will take you to repay your loan before you fully own your home. Your loan term will affect your interest rate, monthly payment, and the total amount of interest you will pay over the life of the loan.”

Depending on your situation, the length of your loan can also change your mortgage rate.

  1. Your Down Payment

If you’re a current homeowner looking to sell and make a move, you can use the home equity you’ve built over time toward the down payment on your next home. The CFPB explains:

In general, a larger down payment means a lower interest rate, because lenders see a lower level of risk when you have more stake in the property. So if you can comfortably put 20 percent or more down, do it—you’ll usually get a lower interest rate.”

To learn more, connect with a lender to determine the difference a higher down payment can make for your new mortgage.

Bottom Line

These are just a few factors that can help determine your mortgage rate if you’re buying a home. The best thing you can do is have a team of professionals on your side. Connect with a local real estate professional and a trusted lender so you have the expert advice you need at each step of the process.

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