Showers Are Awesome, Heartache Is Not

Showers Are Awesome, Heartache Is Not

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/17/21

I’ve been journaling every day and really want to recommend it to you guys. It’s such a healthy thing to do and I think it’ll be interesting to look back at it in the future. I’m still doing the Miracle Morning process; however, I’ve adapted it some. I still completely stand by it, it’s going so well and I can tell it’s paying off. Having a positive mindset is essential to your happiness and well-being. That’s not rocket science, but easy to forget or just not think about.
Upcoming and exciting personal events:
On Tuesday I had brunch with a friend from CrossFit, I was really excited to get out some and visit with her, it’s been way too long. And bonus, another friend from CrossFit came too. It was a delight.
Next week I’m seeing a hypnotherapist for my carb and sweet tooth intake. Unconventional, yes, but have you met me? I’m eager to see if it works. A hypnotherapist came to my high school when I was a freshman and I volunteered to be his volunteer. It was lame. I wasn’t hypnotized but I pretended I was, very convincingly, I might add. And now obviously I’m skeptical, but I was, like, 14 or something then. I’m more open-minded now than ever. So, we’ll see. Health has gotten so important to me. I stopped drinking a year ago, started CrossFit four years ago, stopped smoking ten years ago, I feel that eating better is the next step for me to feel my best and be my best.
Speaking of anniversaries, I started blogging a year ago! Can you believe that? One year. Time has gone by pretty quickly even in the messed-up year that’s passed. Like with journaling, I think it’ll be so fun to look back at these posts and get a sense of who I was and how I acted, and how I thought.
For my readers, I just wanna say thank you so much for stopping by every week and allowing me to vent, laugh, and entertain. It’s been so fun and it makes me forever grateful to get feedback and hear from you guys and your opinions or your thoughts on matters. I love connecting with you on a different level than just as your agent or colleague.

Okay, some sad news in the Merchant household:
Kamper hurt his paw and had to get stitches and now wears the cone of shame. Poor guy. He’ll be fine. Just looks very sad and as if we wronged him on a very personal level.
And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Bridger’s GF said she doesn’t like him anymore. It’s such a bummer. She’s sending mixed signals through (starting very young don’t you think?). She’s still staring at him in school, but I’m telling him not to return it. He’s heartbroken. I think she may be embarrassed because everyone knows they like each other so she’s playing it cool so as not to be vulnerable. I was like that when I was young. I mean, who wants to be vulnerable? Although, it is important to be as you age, at times. But, still. Poor Bridger. I don’t work well with vulnerability so I’m not sure how to advise him. Anyone wanna give some input?
Ugh. Between Bridger and Kamper with the sad eyes.
Okay, some happy news in the Merchant household:
My mom and I have decided to go on the cruise next April, it’s official! I’m hoping my Euro peeps come visit! I mean, they better.
And for the news you’ve all been waiting for, we are showering once again! The warranty people denied us which was bogus. They sent us proof that it wasn’t covered which is fine, but why they didn’t do that straight away is confusing. We could have installed a new water heater on our own three weeks ago instead of suffering. But, showers are a thing in our house once again and that makes us all pretty darn stoked.

Realtor® Stuff

I’ve had a crazy-busy week with work (always a plus).
The buyers who were looking for a second home found a For Sale by Owner on Zillow. Sent it to me. I called the owner who put the listing up an hour before my call and we were under contract within 24 hours.
I mean, what?
It’s all going so well. Although, some drama did happen. When we went to view the house, there were current renters there and their cat attacked my client’s daughter. Cats, man. Crazy. I had a first aid kit in the car, so the crisis was averted. But, wow. That was something. A first for me. And then the cat attacked the house inspector too.
Other than that, all is going superbly.
I got a new listing, a cabin in Tiny Town. I already have someone interested in it but we can’t show it until April. I’m sure it’ll go fast like everything else these days.
Yesterday I went to see a 4.5 million dollar house with a friend/client/mentor/former landlord. I’ve never been in a house that fancy. It’s a new build and the owner had to move to Missouri for business after only 10 months of living in it. Can you even wrap your head around the building and furnishing a 4.5 million dollar house and then just having to leave it? That’s some baller stuff. It’s got $750k worth of furniture that they’re selling for $250k if the buyer wants it. I think the kitchen was as big as my whole house and they had a room just for their cats (see picture above). Then today the same friend/client/mentor/former landlord and I met up to look at some new build plans in Castle Pines. Very very nice. The builder is Sterling Custom Homes and I’m in love. #Goals
And on top of these clients, everything else is going great, all are happy and things are moving right along.
I hope you are all having a nice, productive week too and I just wanna say that I hope we’re all together for another year!

Buyer Needs

  • A vacant land lot with mature coniferous trees, 2+ acres, private, within 20 minutes (15 would be better) of civilization; $300k. Or; all of the above with a rustic mountain modern ranch home; up to $800k.
  • Horse property in Conifer or Pine with nice usable land and an indoor arena or a place to put one. Up to  $1.2 Million.
  • An ultra-modern home in Solterra within walking distance to the clubhouse would be great. Up to $1.4 million-ish.
  • A top-of-the-line, open concept kitchen, dining family room in the Highlands Ranch area. Don’t want a mansion (under 5000 square feet) but are able to do $2 million+.
  • Buyer looking in Conifer, Pine, Morrison, South Evergreen area for a nice size home (2000+ square feet) with GREAT internet. Up to $625k.
  • One of my best buds is looking for the impossible, (you know who you are, Lisa). Dream home in Evergreen for under $700k. Imagine the Biltmore.
  • Buyer looking in Pine, Conifer, Morrison area for a rustic cabin fixer upper. Well, and septic is kind of a must but we will look at anything.
  • An amazing small business owner in Conifer, looking for a single-family home on a good size lot. Privacy is important, willing to fix up, must have a garage, ideally two separate living areas, and would like to be in the Conifer, Bailey, Pine, Morrison area. Around the mid $400s. No HOAs.

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