Snow Days and Vacays

Snow Days and Vacays

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Okay, so I stopped journaling, mostly, and I really wish I could have stuck to it, but I’m sick of breaking my neck to do something that is stressing me more than it’s helping me. Know what I mean? I am still doing the daily meditations and all that jazz and loving it.

Daylight Savings and snow days have kept us all home and hanging together; it’s had its ups and downs. We met some new neighbors, and that was fun. There are four neighbors around us and we all have young kids, so I think once Covid is over, we can really get to know each other. Add it to the list of “things to do after the pandemic.”

Bridger started a snow shoveling business with the neighbor. They did one house. Made $15 and thought they won the lottery. So they then went sledding. Maybe his work ethic is tainted, but he’ll get there.

My first job was when I was nine, and I took the trash to the dumpster for my neighbors. It only lasted a few days, so I get it.

The shoveling and sledding are keeping Bridger’s mind off his heartache, so that’s another win.

On Monday, I spoke to my sister about our financial goals and all that stuff, and she forwarded me this Facebook post for the casting of a new show that follows people doing goal-oriented stuff for their financial future. I applied and somehow ended up on a Zoom call with the casting people.

Tag wasn’t super stoked about this, but I think it could be entertaining. I can’t believe they called me back if I’m honest.

The show’s goal is Fire: Financial Independence Retire Early.

They teach you how to do it, and then they follow you around and see if you keep it up. I think. Anyway, I could end up being famous. or not at all famous. Either way, I’m good.

Tag is kinda on board now but hoping we don’t get picked. But how fun and exciting if we get in!

I had my call with the hypnotist, and we’ll start working together in May, figuring out why I eat so much sugar and carbs. I’m gonna go to my doctor and have my bloodwork done to ensure my health. If I’m healthy, I’ll go to the hypnotist! It has to be strictly an emotional and mental problem, not a health problem, for it to work.

Oh! Exciting news! I paid the deposit for the cruise with my mom. My sister may meet us in Venice, too. And my dad may also stop by. He doesn’t know yet but if he loves me he will come. And perhaps my friends that moved to England. Par-tay. I want this to happen. I’m visualizing it. It. Is. Happening.

My mom and I are looking at a 4-plex fixer-upper in South Carolina. We just need to figure out how to pay for it. But, we’re really interested in doing this. We need to be sure the tenants are paying and current and all that, too. #ventures

The ROI would be good. The monthly lease should be 1% of the purchase price, and it will fall into that category once we fix them up a bit, so it could be a stellar opportunity if the pieces fall into place. I’m visualizing this, too.

Realtor® Stuff

We’ve been negotiating on my big land listing, and it’s going well. So well that we just went Under Contract.

This weekend was madness. One of my clients put in an offer of $150,000 Over asking, and we still didn’t get it! Can you stand it?! We put in the same offer as the people who got the house, but they paid cash. Cash is king ya’ll, Cash is king.

Note to buyers. Make sure your lender can secure an appraiser in a timely fashion if you are buying in a rural area. And yes, Fairplay is a rural area. We need an appraisal and they are a month out. We have to close because the sellers are buying something else which is contingent on this sale going through no later than the 5th. This is when the stress starts.

If you can buy with cash and then do a cash-out refinance later, do it. Cash makes the whole process so much easier. You can also ask the seller if you can switch to a loan later. It’s not an ideal situation, but it can work.

Remember those super-low interest rates? They’re creeping up slowly but surely. Find something now if you can. Put the work in, find that “good for now” house, start building equity, and take advantage of the low-interest rates. I’m not just blowing smoke, shoot, I’m trying to buy stuff too.

Shout out to me; let me help get you moved! Next week, I’ll tell you how the chickens are doing and what they think of all the snow. Until then, take care and be kind.

Buyer Needs

  • A vacant land lot with mature coniferous trees, 2+ acres, private, within 20 minutes (15 would be better) of civilization; $300k. Or; all of the above with a rustic mountain modern ranch home; up to $800k.
  • Horse property in Conifer or Pine with nice usable land and an indoor arena or a place to put one. Up to $1.2 Million.
  • An ultra-modern home in Solterra within walking distance to the clubhouse would be great. Up to $1.4 million-ish.
  • A top-of-the-line, open concept kitchen, dining family room in the Highlands Ranch area. Don’t want a mansion (under 7000 square feet) but are able to do $2 million+.
  • Buyer looking in Conifer, Pine, Morrison, South Evergreen area for a nice size home (2000+ square feet) with Great internet. Up to $625k.
  • One of my best buds is looking for the impossible, (you know who you are, Lisa). Dream home in Evergreen for under $700k. Imagine the Biltmore.
  • Buyer looking in Pine, Conifer, Morrison area for a rustic cabin fixer upper. Well, and septic are kind of a must but we will look at anything.
  • An amazing small business owner in Conifer, looking for a single-family home on a good size lot. Privacy is important, willing to fix up, must have a garage, ideally two separate living areas, and would like to be in the Conifer, Bailey, Pine, Morrison area. Around the mid $400s. No HOAs.

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