Social Life, Check. Work Life, Check.

Social Life, Check. Work Life, Check.

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 04/7/22

Talk about a busy week. On ONE DAY, I worked over 14 hours. And, you know what? It was great. Because it was for clients that appreciate me, and I, them. I have a new relationship with the way I handle myself and my business, and it’s going swimmingly. Why do they say “swimmingly,” I’ve always wondered but never looked it up…

Anyway, the transaction I stepped away from last week is moving right along (I know because the buyer works out at the same CrossFit gym as me). I think everyone is better off without my involvement. I know I am. 

Bridger’s first baseball game of the season was canceled due to wind, and the poor kid almost cried. He was SO looking forward to it, as was I. I mean, wind? Seriously? I guess it did get pretty crazy in some areas. Overall, the weather is getting nice, and I’m loving it. You? 

That said, it wasn’t nice enough to host our largest dinner party to date outside, but we all had a great time in spite of that. We ate deer that Tag hunted, and everyone enjoyed the food and themselves. Hopefully, our next shindig will be on the patio in the sun and the fresh air. 

Incidentally, I’m really trying to spend more quality time with my friends and just be more social in general. Having friends and laughing with them and listening to them and bouncing ideas and facts and anecdotes off them– it’s good for the soul; it’s a fundamental part of self-love and something I plan to do more often. I invite you to do the same. 

I may even fly to Florida this month to visit with a new friend I made recently during the conference I went to in Vegas. She lives in Miami. My mom is headed there to see some other friends, and I thought to myself, Self, go to Florida. And so I basically talked myself into it because how can one argue with that kind of super-charged persuasion? Plus, I’ll get to spend some time with Moms. Fun stuff. 

And since I’m very social now, I met up with a friend of mine on Friday who I haven’t seen in a while. Our kids used to go to school together, but she’s from Sweden like my dad, and it turns out her family will be there this summer at the same time as ours. So, that’ll be cool; we plan to meet up and spend some time together there. She mentioned that she’s thinking about retiring in Maui, which, of course, got me thinking that that’s where we should retire. Then, I looked at the prices and decided it’s not so bad here. 

Book Club

New section alert! Because I’m in a book club and because I read a lot of books on my own, I thought I’d create a little section to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly (books) here.  

I’m re-reading The Happiness Advantage by Sean Achor (we’ve talked about this book previously), and I’m going to point out a few things about it in the upcoming weeks so we can all benefit from the vast amount of knowledge it details. 

So, let’s begin, shall we? Here we go:

  • The happier you are, the more successful you’ll be. Note that you can train and flex your happiness muscle and figure out ways to be happier (the book tells you much more about this, of course).
  • Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s not like, once you do fill-in-the-blank, you’ll be happy. It’s something you have to find through exploration within the everyday process (the small things).
  • You can change. You are not stuck as you are. Believing this and knowing it contributes to your happiness and will help you become more successful. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

We got the $1.55M property listed last week, and it’s under contract. We had multiple offers, and the best one, the one we were going to choose, was submitted by a woman who ended up getting her identity stolen just after the submission. How crazy is that? That’d be terrible. 

We still got a great buyer, though, and they offered a lot of post-closing incentives. It all worked out well. But, I do still feel bad for the woman and the identity thing. 

Anyway, this is the house in Solterra, and we had the open house on Saturday. Loads of people came through. And, get this: most people who stopped by already live in Solterra and are looking to upgrade into a bigger home. Who knew Solterra was such a hip spot? 

Market update: 

  • More inventory is hitting the market (WOOHOO!)
  • Interest rates are rising (close to 5% now)

Why’s this happening?  In my opinion, some sellers that were holding off on selling are deciding to sell now because of the rise in interest rates (meaning more inventory). This rise will be good, though; it will level out the market which we desperately need. It’s still a seller’s market now, but we’re heading in a good direction, I think. It’ll be better for all parties if it evens out some because it staves off inflation and a bubble. 

Coming up, I’ve got some new listings on the horizon. I’ll let you know when I can spill all the details. 

Hope you guys enjoy your week; it looks like we may get some sunny days, so get out there with your sunscreen on and do some stuff! 

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