Steady Interest Rates & Successful Florida Visits

Steady Interest Rates & Successful Florida Visits

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 08/11/22

Have you guys gone back-to-school shopping for your kids’ school supplies yet? We did it a couple days ago, and it wasn’t too bad. I usually order it all on Amazon, but we weathered the storm at Staples, and it was actually kinda fun. 

Side note: Jeremy who manages the Conifer Staples (hey, Jeremy) told me about a coupon for $10 off every $50, and I had over $200 worth of stuff, so I was that person at the front of the line that turned my one transaction into four. I did feel a little bad about holding everyone up, but that’s a $40 savings! Anyway, the coupon is good till August 20, so if you haven’t gotten your supplies yet- download the Staples App and get yourself the coupin’!

I just returned from a 5-day trip to Florida (it was scheduled for 3-days, but there was so much to do!). It was really non-stop. I haven’t even been in the pool or relaxed and lounged there yet. I got so much done, though. All the people are set up to clean and maintain; it’s all decorated to the nines, and it’s looking and feeling great. I’m taking care of the booking myself, so I can keep a handle on who gets in and give better rates to friends, family, clients, etc.

We have a super cool neighbor, too, so that’s an added bonus. And we have everything automated: garage, noise monitor (no voice recordings, but can hear alarms, etc.), Ring doorbell, thermostat- I mean, this is, like, Jetsons living. And, I have local help there in case of emergencies. 

My 12th anniversary with Tag is coming up, and I can’t believe it’s been that long! It’s actually gone by really quickly, but, oddly, I can’t really remember a time before him because it’s been so long. Time is weird. I wonder what we’ll do for it? Maybe we should go use the new FL house? I’ll start dropping the hints now. Or maybe we can relive our first anniversary at Red Lobster. I will never let him live that one down.

I actually have friends (a family of four) in Florida right now; they drove down from here in Colorado and are traveling around a bit before they go on a little 4-day cruise from the 15-19. So, I got an urgent text from the mom of the group telling me that she packed her husband’s and the kids’ passports and essential paperwork for their entry into Cozumel, but not hers. Can you believe that? She forgot about herSELF!

I had to run over to her place and search through all their stuff to find her documents, which I did, and overnight them to her. She was stressing hard. But it should arrive today, so I’m eagerly awaiting the news that she can go on the cruise with her family. This is proof that being a mom sometimes makes you completely lose yourself. Even if only for an hour here and there. I hope she gets a massage. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

Well, I had an event this week that made me sympathize with buyers and sellers who cannot communicate with each other except for between their agents. I had clients that were so incredibly nice, and I was working hard to advocate for them. It’s difficult, though, because it’s assumed that you’re representing them the best you can, but the buyer doesn’t “get” them. They think they’re being unfair or just don’t get the full picture of who your clients are. 

I don’t like that. 

In the past, I’ve had buyers and sellers meet and get to know each other briefly. I’ve never had a bad experience doing this. I’m not naive; I’m sure sometimes it could go horribly wrong; it just hasn’t happened to me (yet). 

So, that’s that, just wanted to put that out there to other realtors in case you’d like my two cents. 

Lots of other stuff in the works, and things are going really well thus far with those transactions, I can’t get into detail just yet, but I’ll keep you posted. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy (in a good way)!

Speaking of good stuff, one of my clients sent me the most beautiful flowers. It was such a treat and a delightful surprise! Shout-out to Kathy and Ben! Much appreciated. 

Current Real Estate Trends

The market is still slowing down; however, with all things considered, it’s just normalizing, so it’s a good thing. I don’t think anyone wants the unhealthy market we’ve had for the past couple years. It wasn’t sustainable or good for getting people into houses. 

Buyers will have more options now. We’re also seeing normal seasonal depreciation now. Interest rates are holding steady and not crazy high or crazy low; they’re where they should be for now, so no need to freak! Grab yourself a house if you’re so inclined- I’ll help. 

Have a great week, all, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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