Tears and Life Going Hand-in-hand

Tears and Life Going Hand-in-hand

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21


I don’t mean to sound depressed, and I’m really not horribly so. I mean, the family is doing great. Remote learning is going better than I thought it would. Bridger only cries a couple of times a day (over math usually). But we’ve been playing board games after dinner, and it’s super fun. Ticket to Ride and Aggravation is good for a laugh. I think board games are saving this whole miserable COVID thing.

I’m bummed though, because my sister is turning 50 in August, and we’re trying to plan but concerned about committing in every way: financial, emotional, and mental. Who knows what’s going to happen in August or what life will be like then. Things are so odd. There’s so little human interaction, and I don’t want to get too excited about a trip in August to see my family. We’ve seen a couple of friends here and there, and that’s great, but it’s not like we can go out and do anything with them. I know it’s a bad attitude to have, but this is where I am currently.

On top of that, and most likely contributing to my attitude, as I’ve mentioned, I hired a business coach a while back, and I had to let her go recently. I’m feeling a little funky about it. But I’m giving it another go, and I hope they place me with someone who can handle me better. Someone who can be more tough-love is. I’m super excited to get it going and think the sooner it happens, the better I’ll feel. 

I’ve also been working on my website and dealing with my social media and SEO and all of it. You should know that everything I do with my marketing stuff pulls literal blood, sweat, and tears from me. I’m hoping it gets easier.

Realtor® Stuff

Good news that made tears of joy, we found my friend Casey a house, and we’re all so happy. He introduced Tag and me, and we’re all close, and I really wanted this to work out for him, and it did. We went under contract Sunday. It was all super fast and went so smoothly; it’s almost too good to be true. The house needs work, but it’s in a great area in Buena Vista. There’s Airbnb potential, it’s walking distance to downtown, it’s got great bones, it’s just a sweet deal. 

As far as the current market goes, it’s the same ol’, same ol’. Crazy. Want to retire, sell your house, move out of Colorado, and get some cashola? Do it. 

Oh! I didn’t get to do my Friday afternoon market update with Megan, so I’ll give you the new update tomorrow. It will cover the market up through November, so look out for that bit of info. 


I’d love to recommend the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s about starting your day the right way to ensure the rest of it is amazing; winning the day, basically, by how you manage yourself from the start. They made it into a movie that’s coming out on Dec. 12, 2020. Learn more here: miraclemorning.com.

It details this really cool thing known as savers, which is an acronym. It stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, scribing (journaling). You’ll love it. 

It only costs $20 to watch it online, and lots of famous people are interviewed. It should be interesting. 

Remember the promotion I did a couple of weeks ago where I committed to giving money to the firefighters in the area for every new subscriber or follower? I ended up donating $100. Big thank you to all the newbies! If you still want to donate, please click the link: gofundme.com.

Goal Setting

Okay, last week, you looked at the areas of your life and what was out of whack. This week, narrow it down to which is the most vital to your quality of life. What’s the biggest issue? What’s kicking your ass? Let’s nail it down. 

Brainstorm or journal on just this topic. Why isn’t it working out? Why is it like this? What can you do to help it? Five minutes a day is all you need, and it’ll go by super fast so keep going if you feel the need. 

Look at us, setting goals and making a better life for ourselves. Pretty cool. 

Have a great week, guys! Talk soon!



Buyer Needs

  • A vacant land lot with mature coniferous trees, 2+ acres, private, within 20 minutes (15 would be better) of civilization; $300k. Or; all of the above with a rustic mountain modern ranch home; up to $800k.
  • An ultra-modern home in Solterra walking distance to the clubhouse would be great. Up to $1.4 million-ish.
  • A top-of-the-line, open concept kitchen, dining family room in the Highlands Ranch area. Don’t want a mansion (under 5000 square feet) but are able to do $2 million+.
  • Buyer looking in Conifer, Pine, Morrison, South Evergreen area for a nice size home (2000+ square feet) with great internet. Up to $625k.
  • One of my best buds is looking for the impossible, (you know who you are, Lisa). Dream home in Evergreen for under $700k. Imagine the Biltmore.
  • Buyer looking in Pine, Conifer, Morrison area for a rustic cabin fixer upper. Well, and septic are kind of a must but we will look at anything.
  • (Found and Closing Tomorrow, yay!) Another best bud, looking in Buena Vista for a starter home. Great guy, a wildland firefighter, introduced my husband and me, so I kinda owe him. Ideally 3 bed, 2 bath for around $300k.
  • An amazing small business owner in Conifer, looking for a single-family home on a good size lot. Privacy is important, willing to fix up, must have a garage, ideally two separate living areas, and would like to be in the Conifer, Bailey, Pine, Morrison area. Around the mid $400s. No HOAs.
  • Big home in the park part of Roxborough Park. A little area for their pup is ideal. Soaker tub and no tile countertops. Up to $900k.

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