The Thriving Real Estate Market & a Pop-Up Wedding for the Win

The Thriving Real Estate Market & a Pop-Up Wedding for the Win

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/26/23

Last week I went to Philadelphia for my best friend’s wedding. It was a pop-up wedding at a stunning art museum in the city. It was incredible. There were about 15 of us at the museum. We got our own tickets, found a great area with a huge window, and the view was breathtaking. 

The rings were rope, and my friend’s friend officiated the gorgeous couple who wore matching t-shirts for the event (and very coolly displayed lyrics to The Smiths' song, “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.” Then, we went for pizza. I mean, it was like no other wedding I’ve ever seen, and arguably the best I’ve been to. They’re both artist types, obviously. 

I wish them so much love and luck! 

I also got to go to NYC for a quick visit with some friends and family. Nothing like NYC, am I right? 

It was a great way to keep my mind off how sad I was for my dad and brother to leave. 

Anyone in the market for a new dog? My clients who just bought a house together for the first time (they’re engaged), came to our gathering and brought their dog, Maxwell, a very sweet two-year-old guy, who needs to be rehomed because the female part of the couple is highly allergic. We’ve been fostering him. If you’re interested, please reach out. You will love him. Check out the video and get in touch with any questions!

My Colorado Real Estate Status

Well, work has been complete madness.

Remember when I told you about my involvement with the 72SOLD program? This program provides users with all of the best practices for selling a home. It’s an alternative to the conventional way of selling your home that has been proven to get sellers between 8.4 and 12% more for their home compared to similar homes in the same MLS! It was designed by an agent who’s worked in the field for decades. Only a handful of agents are allowed in, so I’m feeling lucky. Check out my video and learn more!

I’m telling you, this 72SOLD program is banging. I got an email from a new client who found me on Google, researched my content, then reached out to let me know she wants to sell her house in Bailey. Yes, please. She’s out of state in Florida and contacted me last Thursday. 

We talk. She signs the listing paperwork immediately. It’s an Airbnb that she was planning to move into because her family was coming (and partially already here), but it’s not working out for various reasons. So, she’s keen to sell. I got it up right away because the timing for us both worked out really well. I got photos taken care of Friday, got the MLS ready and prepped early Saturday, and by the end of the wedding on Saturday evening, my phone was going off. 

On Sunday, I got a site-unseen offer, so I had to let all the other agents who reached out know, so another one came in with their own site-unseen offer. There was a bunch of back and forth between the two, and on Monday, we accepted an offer that was thousands over asking. This was ALL done without anyone seeing the property. So, today, they see it firsthand. 

I mean, if this goes through, this will be crazy. I did it the 72SOLD way, mostly, and it worked like a charm. I know many agents would never do this; it’s not ideal when the client doesn’t see the house. But because the house is so pristine, it’s not terribly risky. And buyers that are super gung-ho from the start are the serious buyers. 

Sometimes you’ve got to make the call and just hope your gut is right. I’ll let you know next week if mine is.

Also, there are tons of people still interested in the place if it doesn’t go through, so we have a safety net. Not that I think we’ll need it. 

There are many people looking for homes in Bailey. Calling all homeowners in Harris Park, Elk Creek Highlands, and Elk Creek Meadows, if you own a house there and want to sell, let’s do it! Price it fairly, and you’ll likely get over-asking within hours. 

The market is picking up. Applications are up, inflation isn’t bad, and interest rates are steady. I have buyers looking and sellers selling, and it’s just been nuts, with four listing appointments this week! That’s a lot.

Current Denver Area Real Estate Market

"Our compression cycle is deepening as we continue into 2023. This last weekend we were competing with football playoffs with slower showings, however the buyers that were out there were serious dropping from looking at 16 homes before making an offer to only 14. Buyers are beginning to feel the crunch as inventory shrunk another -2.1% this week to 4,281 units for sale while pending transactions increased by 6.2% with 863 units transitioning to the pending status. This deepened our seller's market to 1.1 months worth of inventory. Supply in months is likely to continue to decline warranting multiple offers into the early spring months.

I wanted to highlight the $1,000,000-1,500,000 segment this week. There is a really interesting pool of potential buyers who are very active right now. The problem is with only 313 units available for sale, and declining, they have already seen everything on the market. They are just waiting for the perfect home for sale to pop on the market as median days on market last week was only 14 days. This market has a 1.4 month supply of inventory, at 47.0% odds of selling and only 15.4% of the inventory required to offset demand. This market has popped earlier than other price points and earlier than we have experienced historically. You may want to consider listing your million dollar home sooner rather than later in March/April when inventory starts to climb as the buyers are out there."

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