Turkey Shoots, Lost Mothers, and Reverse Mortgages

Turkey Shoots, Lost Mothers, and Reverse Mortgages

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Tag’s going hunting next weekend and taking both kids and I’ve never been so excited about the prospect of an animal’s demise. They’ll be gone for almost a week!

I have mixed feelings about hunting. I couldn’t do it. But, I do like shooting guns. My mom used to take me to turkey shoots where we shot at bullseyes, not turkeys. I was 10 and she’d drop me off and leave me. One time I won a ham and $20. I beat all these older guys, let me tell you, they were not impressed.

However, I like the idea of getting a free-range elk. I get why hunting is necessary for some circumstances. And I’m more or less okay eating it as long as I don’t overthink it. It’s cheap. The animals are living their best life, not bred for slaughter or kept in stalls or eating gross stuff they’re not meant to be eating. In many ways, it’s more humane. Plus, an elk can fill our freezer for the winter and it will last a long time. And, it’s good.

Anyway, after the hunting trip, we’re all off to Basalt to stay in a yurt. Yep. A yurt. I’m really excited about that too.

So, my mom is visiting my sisters in Boston. And my older sister is a total worrywart. She can’t sleep unless she knows where everyone is. My mom drove and was supposed to arrive yesterday but never called anyone to say she was at a hotel and, of course, mom’s phone was off. That said, mom has never been the checker-inner type.

Turns out, she ended up staying in Vermont for the night with a friend, before finishing the drive to Boston, and for obvious reasons my sister was freaking out which got me freaking out, too. So, I started looking up car accidents along her driving route, and low and behold I found one and was quite certain it was her. It wasn’t. She’s totally fine, having no idea how close she was to death (in our minds).

Speaking of death, after the horrid chicken death we endured last week, another chick has decided to start laying for us! That makes three egg-layers this week! And they look and taste great, the eggs, not the chickens. Sterling dropped one today, within two seconds of me asking him not to drop it. I told him he can’t carry eggs anymore and he had a fit. Who knew egg-carrying would be such a stellar event for him.

My friend and her kids came over on Saturday and it was really fun, I made homemade chili that works into our diet Always Hungry?. And, I found out from a reliable source that Ryan Reynolds is also on this diet and I just feel like that was totally fated to happen and everything in my life has led up to this exact moment. So, hey Ryan, let’s swap recipes. or whatever.

I’m still doing CrossFit and it’s going great. There’s a woman in there and she’s a machine. Wednesday’s workout was killer and she rocked it as usual. I like being in the class because it’s motivating and really keeps me on my toes. 

Realtor® Stuff

Well, I’m almost done getting certified as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. This means I’ll be able to better serve those 50 and older. There are certain things available to seniors that aren’t available to younger folks, like reverse mortgages. It’s really a fabulous option that uses the equity in the house to pay the homeowner a monthly income. 

In many cases, the recipient won’t be paid all of the money that’s built up (the equity), and in cases where all the equity or more is paid out the homeowner’s heirs will only pay off what the house is worth, never more than the value of the home, so it’s a great deal because the homeowner gets an income without worrying about hindering anyone later on with debt. The bank will simply take the house after the owner has moved on to greener pastures. There is a lot more to it but you get the gist. 

And I found this awesome idea for my prospective senior clients: creating a memorabilia video for all those many items and valuables that they can’t keep if they’re downsizing. If they can’t necessarily keep the item, they’ll have a video of it that they can hold onto. I’m not super sentimental, but I think it’s a great idea for those who simply won’t have the space to keep everything.

For those curious, I’ve started creating weekly market updates on my Facebook page for Evergreen, Pine, Morrison, Bailey, and Conifer, just going over house inventory. Here’s what I can tell you: inventory is low, but there are tons of buyers.

Realtorly Advice

If you want to sell your house but you’re concerned it won’t sell, don’t be. It will. Sell it.

If you’re an absentee owner wondering if you should liquidate. You should. You’ll get more now than you would have last year and who knows what’s going to happen next year. 

Right now is a great time to sell a house and a great time to buy a house because of those low-interest rates. If you’re interested, you know how to find me!

Have a wonderful week, full of peace and kindness, and maybe an egg or two!

Before I forget, let me offer you two exciting Real Estate tools.


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