Uneventful Weeks Welcomed Here

Uneventful Weeks Welcomed Here

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Trying to get organized makes you feel so unorganized. You know? Life is always getting in the way of my efforts and then poof, day over. 

I did hire an assistant for my cold calling and she started- so far, so good. She’s remote, she’s in Texas. She was found through The Mom Project which connects employees with moms looking for remote work. I like to support that. She’s enthusiastic and hopeful and really wants to help so I am so appreciative!

I paid off all my student loans and let me tell you, the lightness is palpable. Next: pay off the mortgages. I see the light. Then, Tag can find some awesome jobs that he loves to do. I’d want to support us so he can stay home with the kids and we need to think about the health insurance deal too. I’m hoping for a three-year plan.

The goose ran away. The day after we got her. We’re thinking she was a wild goose and we probably gave her the scare of her life.

Tag and I are going on a goal-setting retreat. It’s virtual classes. So you guessed it, we’re about to be the ultimate power couple, look out for that.

Halloween is this weekend and I’m excited. For candy. It’s been a while. I’ve been surviving on dark chocolate treats for a while now and I could really use some corn syrup. 

This freaking election is killing me with the texts. Back off, please. I need some of my cold texts to get through to unsuspecting potential sellers. Stop hogging all my bandwidth. How many days till the third? In all seriousness, I hope afterward our world isn’t terrifying. I hope it’s all a smooth process no matter who wins. Fingers crossed. 

Realtor® Stuff

I went under contract with an existing client. This is our third house together. All is going well. 

I have a new listing coming up in Ft. Lupton. It’s pretty messy, but I’m up for this challenge. There’s a lot to do. The owner, Bruce (names have been changed to protect the public), walked away from it to go to a care facility. He has equity, so he should have sold it. He was confused because he has a reverse mortgage. 

With these kinds of mortgages, you never pay more than the value of your home, so if you have one, be sure to talk with your lender to learn your options. Anyway, Bruce has some equity, so we’re cleaning it up and getting it sold! It’s a cute brick house and I think once we work our magic, it’ll go quick, quick, quick. 

Welp, folks, it’s a short one this week.

I’m making sweet little photo packages for some sweet people, so I must run. But, let’s everyone look up my girl, Becky at Rebecca Hoskins Photography for some quality picture-taking this season! Don’t forget, outdoor family photos are super COVID safe.

Take care, be kind, and all the rest!

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