Vacations as Far as the Eye Can See

Vacations as Far as the Eye Can See

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 01/1/22

Have you ever tried to stop saying the word “um”? There are lots of moments of silence. “Um” is such a great space filler, but it sounds so bad. I’m on a mission to quit. Who’s with me?

Dad is gone, and we’re already planning on getting to Sweden for a visit for Tag’s birthday this summer. We had a wonderful time together, as always. I love that we already have something in the books. We have lots in the books, actually…

I’m going to two conventions this year, and one is in Vegas, baby. I can’t wait. I invited two of my bests, and I really hope they can come because I see some ridiculous Chippendale dancing in the near future. And, in February, there’s a convention for Keller Williams, and it will be HUGE. That should be fun, too. I’m hoping Paige, my assistant/future buyer’s agent, will come with me to that one. 

We’ve also moved our snowmobiling vacay to March, and we’re looking forward to that. So, there are lots of cool things on the horizon. I think it’s important for the psyche and the soul to have some things to look forward to, it makes life so much greater, and it makes me work harder. 

Side note: Sterling is addicted to YouTube; he wants to be a YouTuber. I mean, those guys make millions, so even though that’s one of the most annoying sentences I’ve ever heard, if he’s gonna make millions, I may be able to get behind that. He’s not really spectacularly great at anything yet, though, except being cute. So, I don’t see it panning out. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

Ridge Road is closing on Tuesday (it was gonna be January 7), so all excitement over here! I mean, this property, man, am I right?! What a string of back luck with buyers. But I think we finally landed on the one that was meant to be! 

My newest seller (who had a bridge loan, which is an awesome option if you don’t want to risk homelessness between houses) is the house with the broken fridge I’ve been telling you about. Well, it’s still being worked on; they gave her a loaner fridge for now. And, by loaner, I mean the fridge that normally resides in the basement of some Curbio employee. Not ideal. 

I mean, get us the fridge, Curbio! 

Anyway, the house she’s selling just went through the smoothest, quickest selling process in the history of the world. We had eight offers, all over asking, and we took the one with the highest appraisal gap coverage. That’s more important than actually offering way over the list price. Offer the extra cash money for closing, and that will always be a crowd-pleaser for a seller. This will all have happened in under three weeks. It’s the shortest closing with a lender I’ve ever had. If not for the fridge, this would have been a dream.

Okay, short and sweet this week, but I’m off to google Chippendale dancers. You guys enjoy yourselves as you prep for Christmas, and I’ll see you here next week!

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