We Did It! 101 Weeks!

We Did It! 101 Weeks!

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 02/3/22

First and foremost, this post marks 101 straight weeks of sharing my life and market news with you. I just want to say thanks for the support and for meeting me here, letting me vent, letting me laugh and ask questions, and all the stuff. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m excited for the next 101 weeks!

Okay, so what’s up with Milltown Mel dying right before he does the one job he has all year? Yes, it’s sad, but I am more concerned about what this means about our future weather patterns. I mean, will it ever be spring again? I know we have Punxsutawney Phil, but can he even definitely predict the weather with accuracy? What if he’s an imposter? I think we need to see his references or do a DNA check because he’s been alive for an unnaturally long time and there is something just not right about that.

Six extra weeks of winter with this snow accumulation? No, thanks. (Remember this summer when it was scorching and I couldn’t wait until winter? Me neither.)

Anyway, my last night in Vegas turned out to be a super-fun girls’ night. We went to the Waldorf Astoria (gorg building but a bit of a snooze fest since the bar was closed for a private event and we couldn’t get any further than the lobby), and then we ended up in a mall where we asked someone where to eat. She suggested The Mayfair Super Club at the Bellagio, where dinner is spectacular, but BONUS, there’s also a burlesque show. When we called, they said we had to get there right now; there were no other vacancies for the night. 

So we head over… Side note, have you ever tried to walk around the streets of Vegas? It’s inconvenient. Crossing roads is a pain; you take an elevator up and over the street. 

Well, we’re running through the street to try to get to this place, and guess what? An afore-mentioned elevator is broken, so we hustle back down to find another way to get over. Long story boring- we made it, and the food consumption was intense. Lobster, coconut shrimp, truffle noodles, steak, rice, wedge salad. I mean, the show was good, but the food… Wow. 100% worth the inconvenient hustle to the place. 

We also went to the Chinese new year exhibit at the Bellagio, and that was super cool. And for the main event, we got to make a stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for a picture. I’ve always wanted to do that, so I’m thrilled to report it’s now off my bucket list. It was an excellent way to end a stellar weekend.

Home now and back to this insane amount of snow (any amount of snow is insane to me). Luckily, I returned refreshed and motivated and prepared to work (do most people return from Vegas in such a state? I’m thinking no). 

Busyness is in my future with some fun stuff. I’ve been volunteering at Mt. Evans Home Health Care and Hospice, and they have their big annual benefit gala coming up. I’m helping with the decorations for it, and I’m looking forward to doing that. I also have a meeting coming up with the mentor-mentee program at my office, and a big date night with Tag this weekend. 

Annnnnd, we may be getting another dog! I spoke with a woman in OK today about it; she has an oops-puppy. A breeder’s toy poodle accidentally mated with the family lab. I saw a picture of the mom and dad and, honestly, I have no idea how puppies resulted, but nature is a crazy thing. It’s cute. Tag wants a big, dark-furred dog, and this one is small and light-furred. He’s gonna think I picked it on purpose, but this just fell in my lap. Anyway, this would be a rescue because they need to find a home for it ASAP and we’re all suckers for rescue dogs. 

See? Fun stuff. 

Colorado Realtor Activity

I had a great listing appointment last weekend; the clients are looking to do a 1031 exchange. It’s in Littleton, a single family home with a two-car garage seeking townhome in a community with a two-car garage. It’ll be an easy sell once I do all my marketing. However, I think finding them a place will be a challenge but possible. I actually think I’ll be knocking on doors trying to get them into a place. That’s no small task but I enjoy a challenge! First they have to pick me though and not the discount broker over at ABC Realty that will likely do the least amount of work possible and then blame the market when he can’t find them a replacement home. I’ll let you know how that all pans out next week!

Tomorrow I have a listing appointment with the businessman I’ve discussed in the past. He wants to lease one of his commercial properties. I’m venturing into new territory here, but I’m partnering with a commercial broker so I can learn the ropes and make this service one that’s part of my repertoire. 

The same client is interested in selling another one of his businesses (no real estate attached), so I hooked him up with a business broker and hope to be shadowing on that deal too so that I can learn more about business sales. Yes, please, I’ll take it. Plus, learning is fun. 

And I have another listing appointment this weekend, it’s a land property in Idaho Springs. It sounds like it’s a beauty. 11 acres with tons of sun (important when buying land in the mountains). It’s mineable, too, because it comes with the mineral rights. It’s pretty rare to get the mineral rights when you buy property around Denver and the foothills so this is a pretty awesome bonus. It’s literally right by an active gold mine. Could be an excellent fit for someone. Let me know if that someone is you. 

I’m off, hope you guys are happy and healthy! And thanks so much again for taking time out of your life to read about mine. See you next week!

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