Work: Great, Family: Love, Thighs: Sore

Work: Great, Family: Love, Thighs: Sore

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 05/19/22

Are you guys ready for summer? I’m so ready. I’ve officially blocked off about eight days to spend doing fun stuff with the kids, and several other moms will do that fun stuff with us. I think it will be a huge summer hit! 

Here’s the schedule:

M & T- long days of work

W- day off with kids (and moms and their kids)

Th & F- kids at camp

Perfection! I’m so organized; I can’t stand it. We can touch base again at the end of the summer and see how it all went down. 

It’s supposed to snow up here tomorrow and this weekend, and I’m literally about to cry. What. Is. Happening? I mean, it’s gonna be almost 80 degrees in the mountains today! Make this make sense to me. 

So, last weekend I couldn’t walk due to my CrossFit workout of 400 meters of walking lunges on Friday. I had to go to Bridger’s baseball game after, and I was seriously concerned about how sore I was. But my thigh pain adventure was far from over because we continued to abuse them with squats and lunges all week. You’ll be happy to know I can currently walk, and my concern was for naught.  

Shoutout to Tag! He’s just super amazing. I cannot imagine another person helping me so much with my business and being so incredibly supportive. He helps with gruesome stuff too. Like dump runs and cleaning. There’s never a hard time or a guilt trip. He also trusts my crazy ideas, like buying an Airbnb in Orlando that we’ve never seen. He also works so hard on being a great husband and dad, and he also knows it's vital to work on himself (lots of alsos). I just love all of him- the whole package. Seriously, what a man. I’m excited to continue growing with you, Tag Merchant. 

I should say that I love my kids a lot too. They’re so good when they interact with other people, and that’s a true test of how well you’re doing as a parent. I’m so glad I haven’t messed them up (yet). 

Side note, Bridger’s baseball game went super well for the other team. Bridger’s team was annihilated on Saturday and won one game Sunday, lost the other. 

Book Club

I started a new book: Erik Larson’s, Nobody Goes Alone. It’s a ghost story. I’m not very far into it, and it took me a bit to get into it, but it’s super fun to listen to (and yes, you should listen to it and not read it). If you’re looking for another book, check it out and let me know what you think!

Colorado Realtor Activity

We listed our Denver condo for sale, and it’s now live. I gotta say, the staging looks top-notch. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but; toot toot. The art of staging is so essential to your house showings. 

I’ve had clients ask me why they should hire me (a full-service, full-price agent) over a discount agent in this strong market. It’s a good question. Here’s the answer: value. 

Check out this graph I made:

Of course, there are crappy properties out there that are overpriced, but when it comes to what I offer, it’s high-quality service and exceptional marketing to entice the perfect buyer for you. My goal is to get you as much money as possible for your home, and there aren’t tons of buyers willing to pay that top dollar. That’s why staging, photos, videos, social media advertising, networking, and all those things are so important to getting you the best possible selling scenario.

I’m not trying to attract just any buyer (that’d be very easy to do in this market). I’m trying to attract the buyer. The best buyer for you. Not the buyers who will run off when things get dicey,  but the ones who will stick it out because they’re in love with your house. 

Also, there are millions of investors out there buying up homes right now, and I have never encountered one of them. I think that’s because I stage my listings and make them look like a home. I attract buyers who will pay top dollar for their primary residence, and investors are only looking for bottom-of-the-barrel opportunities and pricing. *toots horn

On the horizon, I have an old client looking for an RV park in the Denver metro area, so I’m excited about the possibilities there. I had a couple of listing appointments last week, and they went well. One was a land listing, and I can’t tell you enough how satisfying it is when I find the land markers that outline where the property ends. It’s a weird fetish, but one I stand by. 

The market is still good. Advice to buyers: Go out and look at houses over Memorial Day weekend because no one else will be looking! It’s a holiday that most people want to spend cooking out, camping, all that stuff. So take advantage of it and get out there to snag your new house!

Alrighty friends, thanks for the stop-by! Enjoy your week and we’ll meet again soon! 

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