Planning for the Future: Retirement, School, Home-selling

Planning for the Future: Retirement, School, Home-selling

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 11/16/21

Well, the day finally came and our nine little chickens have moved out of the house and into their coop. Now it’s only two and a half months till egg-time! Can’t wait. Generally, each chicken will produce one egg per day. So, if you’re good with math, you know that’s nine eggs a day. If you’re local and want fresh eggs, let me know because this household is definitely not eating that many eggs. I see a lot of breakfast-for-dinners coming up. And probably some breakfast-for-lunches, too.

Tag and I took an awesome wealth management course online. It’s eight parts and has a ton of valuable information. It’s free! Big win there. It’s called Win, Make, Give by Ben Kinney. Highly recommend it.

Tag and I are really different when it comes to how we think about life and money on a few points. Tag can sometimes fall victim to his drunk monkey, while I’m more of an eye-on-the-prize-can’t-nothing-stop-me kinda gal. But since this course, we’re really starting to see eye-to-eye on planning for the future. Tag doesn’t love his job and he can now visualize getting out of it, which makes us both really happy. Learning about budgets and proper planning and investing has made us both super excited and optimistic for the future.

The kids are great, although even with camp Bridger and I butt heads a lot. I’m super curious about school starting in the fall and what that’s gonna look like. I’m thinking about enrolling him in the K-12 program so at least there’s some structure and it’s not only up to me to teach him and he will ideally have more than 1 hour of schoolwork a day. I don’t want them to turn out completely uneducated with no prospects and have to take care of them forever, you know? Now that I think about it, I can just teach them to become real estate brokers. I can’t imagine a better profession and at least it’s something I can teach. I feel better already!

Realtor® Stuff

I had my two open houses last weekend and they went well. This is definitely a learning experience. I posted the virtual open house on Facebook Live and had a lot of great questions come in. I need to figure out how to be more creative with these and get more advertising going to promote them. I’m open to suggestions if you have any. Most of my houses have sold through an open house, so not being able to show homes in the usual manner is a challenge.

Anyway, in spite of COVID, I’ve had some good activity on my listings and I’m hopeful that we’ll be getting some offers soon.

I have my new Lakewood listing coming up and I’m already getting calls solely from the sign in the yard, which is great. It’s a gorgeous house with serious potential. It needs a bit of work, but the kitchen has been updated already and that’s huge. The house is 3600 sf, a 5/3, near Belmar, just south of 1st; 130 S. Carr. Cruise by and give me a call if you’re interested!

Week Three of the Home-Selling Process

The hardest part of selling a home is pricing it. If it’s not done correctly from the start, there may be some significant issues with selling.

Let’s say you have a move-in ready house- great layout, updates, clean, etc, you want to be sure to price it ahead of the market. Don’t chase the market, that’ll hurt you, pricing ahead of the market means that you’re in a better position to sell.

If you price it too high, you may not get all the money you want, and the longer it sits the better chances of a stigma attaching itself to it. You don’t want potential buyers thinking that there’s something wrong with it and then low-balling you. Get as close to market value as possible so it goes quickly.

Okay, all, hope life is going well for you and looking forward to seeing you here next week!


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