We’re Florida Property Owners

We’re Florida Property Owners

  • Victoria Merchant
  • 07/21/22

Well, it happened! We officially closed on our Florida property Friday! I feel like we’ve owned it for an eternity already, though. My mom is there setting it all up. I order the things I want from Amazon, it gets delivered, and Mom sets it all up. It’s a good gig and all very exciting. She says it’s like Christmas but it sounds like Christmas is getting old… 

Shout out to Best Buy, which is terrific. For $200, they’ll come to your house and tell you what you need for security, and they’ll get it for you, then install it and warranty it for a year. They’ll also hang all the TVs and do all that kind of stuff, so yes, please. Don’t mind if I do. 

Here in Colorado, we went downtown because we got tickets for a Rockies game last Saturday. Except we didn’t have tickets to it. Turns out we were 3 weeks off. We had already bought a parking spot, and I needed to get my steps in anyway, so we just stayed downtown for a lovely, leisurely stroll with the family. Except it wasn’t a lovely, leisurely stroll with the family. Those kids were awful. 

The fighting and whining that ensued made me want to pull my ears off. To be fair, Bridger had hurt his foot in a trampoline accident, so he wasn’t comfortable. His limp got progressively worse as the day went on. That said, my feet were fine, and I did get my steps in. 

Bridger is full-on with football now. And here’s a small world story: His coach is the older brother of these two girls who used to babysit Bridger way back when we lived in Georgetown. And Tag went to high school with the coach's (and the girls’) brother. What? How crazy is that? There’s a three-way connection there. 

Here’s a little PSA: If you’ve lost the remote to your TV, I highly suggest looking in your underwear drawer.

Colorado Realtor Activity

Things are busy! I’m waiting to hear about an FHA spot approval for a condo for one of my clients. We should find out soon. We’ve had all the inspections, and the lender said he expected it to go through, but now something is weird with the HOA’s budget. 

FHA loans have to be approved by HUD (Housing and Urban Development), so they’re a lot more complicated to get. A condo complex can jump through all the hoops to get the entire complex qualified, or each unit can get its own approval (a spot approval). Barring the complex not being certified by HUD we have to go the spot approval route. So, HUD and HOA are talking later today hopefully, and hopefully, they get us to that closing table. 

Yesterday we went under contract with an off-market, private party deal. We’ve been working on this for several months, so this is exciting for all parties, and we’re all looking forward to crossing this one off our list.

I had some closing issues on another transaction, but it looks like things will be fine. This was a hard money loan (usually used by house flippers), which means you borrow money for a short period at a much higher interest rate. The lending process isn’t as tricky (usually); not as many documents to provide, but the interest rates can be way up there. Needless to say the hard money loan lender got cold feet so now we have to go conventional. All will be okay!

Yesterday, I took out a client to see a condo in Denver, and I’m writing up an offer today. Wish me luck. I’m feeling optimistic. 

Last but not least, we just went live on my Pine listing and already have some great activity. It’s a cute 2 bed 1 bath cabin with an unfinished basement for $499K, close to downtown Pine Junction, so it’s in a cool spot. The sellers raised seven kids there! God bless ‘em. Sounds dreadful to me, but they did it so it must be possible.

That’s all I have on my plate for now. If you’re in the market to buy or sell, let’s get it done! Hope you guys are having a nice week, and we’ll meet up here again soon!

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